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Readers Respond: There Are Many Ways To Make Yourself Happy!

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Updated May 07, 2009

From the article: Happiness Shortcuts
We all want to be happy. Think about it: aren't most of your goals in life based on an underlying desire to simply be happy? And, when you're feeling happy, it's very hard to feel stressed. (And, not surprisingly, roughly the same things that help relieve stress are things that help us stay happy.) But, while many people are made happy by the same major things--good friends, for example--the specifics of what makes us happy can be unique. What makes you happy? How do you maintain happiness?

A Happy Recipe

Stay young. Love your life. Keep healthy. Save your money. Motivate yourself. Live well.
—Guest gitoya

not sure

Not sure, only half way through and wondering what makes me happy. At the end of a very hard, stressful, (though stress is self induced) successful day, where you have done something that you are proud of, or would not have done any other way, then sit down and say well done. No one will give you more happiness than you. Narcissistic? Probably, but then we are all more or less, the more we own up to it, the happier we will all be. Self love first and foremost, and no guilt with this admission, then we will be happy???
—Guest Dramortwo


Be happy and make your family happy. This life is so short, so spread your smile to anyone!
—Guest anamika

Think Positively and Reward Yourself

Just think about your triumphs and successes for a moment. Make it your 5 minutes of profound satisfaction. Just think how your life has changed positively over the last few years and how you have achieved your successes through your consistent hard work. On the other hand, if you feel you didn't have so many positive experiences over the last few years, then just think how things could have been worse! I just relax and visualize the enormous possibilities that life has in store for me. I introspect and reward myself as much as possible for my hard work. I also engage in positive self-talk and constantly recognize the uniqueness inherent in myself. I take a time out, take a soothing bath, go to a salon for a relaxing massage/facial and then I go for a recreational trip- leaving behind all my worries.

Happy Recipe

Having a routine, taking photographs, talking with friends, being out in nature, enjoying my food, just realizing that things are okay and there's always tomorrow--you never know.
—Guest VAL


It's just being happy. When one's thoughts, words and actions are in harmony happiness springs from within. Happiness is from an outside source, it is a fleeting experience, not a state of being.
—Guest BEKAL


Like someone said, I also avoid emotional vampires. I have come to realise that happiness is an inside job. I also love whiling away time refreshing my mind by reading a lot.
—Guest editter mugo

Total happiness

Dancing to "I believe in Miracles," getting baptized was my main happiness. If you start living for God, get your eyes off of you. And read your Bible. Do for God, do for others, then smile. Smile all the time.....
—Guest Amber Jenkins

Happy is Our Destiny

Everyone has trials throughout thier lives. This is what makes each person so individual and stronger. Being sad is not an option in my life even though trials come and go, happiness is my FAITH...faith that Our Lord loves us, will take care of us and has a place for us. My outlook toward the future with our Heavenly Father someday is my road to Happiness.
—Guest tammy

Time Out

Take a cute, boisterous dog for a walk and watch him have a fantastic time. Smile at other dog owners and let kids pat him on the head. Take him home dog tired, buy the paper, have a snack and watch him sleep and dream. Oh I do have a family and friends but this just makes me happy every time.
—Guest Kitty


If I am unhappy, I think about the song my mum always sang. Qhenever I sing this song myself I feel very happy.
—Guest samuel sieh marks

No Whiners Allowed

I learned the hard way about associating with people with negative attitudes. I go out of my way to surround myself with positive thinking people. I have heard negative people referred to as emotional vampires. It's a very accurate term,l iteraly. Negative people will drain your spirit dry. If I meet someone socially that is a whiner I avoid them like the plague. I don"t waste my time or energy trying to "fix" them. Life is too short.

Remembering Happiness

When I find myself needing to find happiness...I remember the things I did when I was young. Like going to the beach, evenings with friends, reading a book, going to the movies...so doing those things now, makes me as happy as when I was younger....
—Guest Mitchell

Think Happy

Whenever I'm stressed out, I close my eyes, think happy thoughts and mentally say to myself, "I`m okay, life is good, I am good, all is well, no matter what happens things will always turn out for the best." And, they ALWAYS do !
—Guest Bobby

Happy I've Read This

This is a great article. And all of the comments are inspirational and helpful. They make one feel good. Reading all this reminds me how beautiful and valuable life is, and how many good willing people there are out there. Thanks everybody.
—Guest Mehmur Elguvendir

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