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Resilience Tip: Nurture Your Relationships!

Because July is Social Wellness Month, it's the perfect time to focus on your relationships: keeping healthy, focusing on communication skills, cultivating a supportive relationship.  Why?  Because healthy relationships provide a buffer against stress while loneliness and conflict create it.  Happy Social Wellness Month, my friends!

Social Wellness Resources
Stress Management Spotlight10

Threat Vs. Challenge: A Key To Stress Relief

You may be surprised to learn how one simple shift in thinking can help you change your whole experience of a stressful situation, and even respond to challenges more effectively. Learn what research has to say about your perception of the challenges you face, and find simple strategies to help you more effectively cope with whatever you face in life.

Is Perfectionism Keeping You Perfectly Stressed?

If you feel perfectionism has created needless stress in your life, you're probably right. You can free yourself of the stressful grip of perfectionism and become even more able to reach your goals--without all that stress! Here is how to ease up on yourself without sacrificing achievement or happiness.

Stress and Relationships: When To Disengage From Conflict

How you relate to people can sometimes create more stress than you realize. Here is how to reexamine your relating style and make changes if necessary; your stress levels may be dramatically lowered as a result!

Rumination: Why It's So Difficult To Stop Obsessing

Rumination can grab on and not let go; most people have experienced it from time to time. Why is it sometimes so hard to stop thinking about stressful events from the past? Here is why it's hard to mentally move on, and what you can do to free your mind from rumination.

How Your Perspective On Tests Can Affect Your Performance

Who is most affected by test anxiety, and how can one increase performance on tests if anxiety is affecting memory recall? This research provides answers. You'll also find new ways to cope and recover if test anxiety has been sabotaging your performance.

Aromatherapy: Helpful Or Hype?

Aromatherapy is touted as an effective stress reliever by virtually every bed and bath store across the country. But does it work? Here is what research has to say on the matter, with tips on how you can best use aromatherapy to your advantage.

Simple Stress Management: A Quick Plan That Works

When stress becomes chronic, it can create a negative cycle of increasing stress levels that can take a heavy toll on health and happiness. This three-step strategy is simple and effective, and can be customized to fit well with any personality and lifestyle.

Cognitive Coping For Stress Management

You may have heard that our thoughts about what we experience create more stress than the events themselves. How does this work? The following are some ways people may increase or decrease their stress levels with their thought patterns.

Research On Yoga And Stress Relief

Many people instinctively know that yoga relieves stress, and research bears this out. Learn more about the specific stress relief benefits of yoga, and learn more about what it can do for you.

How Language And Stress Are Connected

Language has a powerful impact on how we perceive the world, and on how stressed we feel. When you understand how the impact of language works, you can soothe your stress levels and change your own self-talk patterns. Learn more about the connection between words, thoughts, and stress, and learn how to use this information to your advantage.

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