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Readers Respond: Stress and Eating: What Are Your Patterns?

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Updated September 09, 2009

Stress can affect eating patterns in several ways. Some find themselves mindlessly munching when stressed, while others find themselves at a loss of appetite. How does stress affect your eating patterns? How do you deal with this? Share your experiences, and see what other readers have to say.

Can't even look at food

When I'm sad, anxious, or stressed, as I am now, after a relationship breakup, I can't eat. My stomach churns and I feel nauseous. I normally love to eat, and frankly, I could stand to lose a few pounds. But I don't care for this diet. : (


Glad I'm not the only one losing appetite and feeling grossed by the idea of "food" when stressed :( ! Luckily, haven't reached the stage where I want to throw up what I shove down my throat...yet!
—Guest Tagi


I have trouble eating when I am stressed. I don't eat until about five in the afternoon (I'll have coffee!) and then I wait another three hours to eat again. I have restricted snacking. Sometimes it makes me feel afraid of my mental state but it isn't as though I am obsessed with my body or that I don't eat - its just when I am stressed it makes my stomach churn to eat and I just don't want to.
—Guest Ellen

A Mix of Both

Honestly, it depends what I'm stressed about. When my anxiety level is pushed to the max, I can't eat anything. I've gone for days without eating, simply because I literally can't. And then on the days where I'm just stressed out because of more materialistic problems, I eat. I eat, a lot. Especially if I'm with friends, sharing my stress.
—Guest Jenni

Don't Eat

It's nice to hear that I'm not only one on this not eating when stressed. But when I try, I just wanna vomit. I gag trying to put food in my stomach, but I do try, it's just wrong when you pretty much loose everything because of a man, then get accused of cheating when I had no time for myself so idk how I would be able to cheat, but yeah.... anyway. I'm glad he's gone but I can't eat, and it's bothering me.
—Guest Brit

Not ever hungry

I'm never ever hungry, I don't think it's stress, i love my body, I want to be fat. I just don't like eating, everything grosses me out. EVERYTHING!
—Guest Destiny.

Unpleasent forcing

I become stressed very easily. When I become stressed, food tastes good but doesn't sound good or settle well in my stomach...I usually force feed myself because I will still be hungry!
—Guest Emily


When I fight with my boyfriend or we are on the verge of breaking up, I can't eat anything or even drink anything all day. I will try but just wanna throw it up it makes me sick! I get skinner and it looks so gross.. wondering what I can do to actually feel like eating?
—Guest chantel

More stress = Less food

I've thought, for many years, that I may have an eating disorder. But reading everyone's posts made me realize there are others suffering with the same issue. Anytime I get stressed I can't stand food. I so get hungry, but food just isn't appetizing to me anymore. Just think about it makes me nauseous.
—Guest Azher

I Eat When I'm Stressed Or Depressed

Stress or depression send me into a spiral of eating anything and everything that has sugar and fat in it, chocolate, peanut butter, candy, snack cakes, cookies, you name it. But of course after I eat all of that crap I feel horrible about myself. Sometimes I think I eat like that b/c of anger and I want to punish my self by putting bad things into my body. Then afterwards I will usually be really upset b/c at this rate I'll never be at a weight that I'm happy with. I don't want to spend the rest of my life binge eating when stressed and depressed. Any suggestions??
—Guest taetme

Wish I Was An "Eater" When Stressed!!

I'm just like Alicia. Can't eat pretty much at all. It really sucks and affects my everyday life. I get really weak, yet the thought of food makes me sick. I lose weight and have no energy. Eventually I get through it but never know the time frame of the stress. It's really hard to get my eating back after because my stomach has gotten so small. Again, I think you're better off to be an eater when stressed.
—Guest Ricki

Ensure Myself I Need a Boost...Drink

I was extremely stressed at one point--my son was a serious problem for me--and I slowly gave up everything in my life to the point that the only comfort I had was food and I ate constantly. Now that he's gone, I can't bear to eat more than once a day and I have to go for a walk to burn off my restlessness. I just have an Ensure or Boost when I don't feel like eating; that way I can still get what I need even when I don't feel like eating.
—Guest Shannon

I Lose Weight

When I'm stressed , I lose my appetite, and I lose a lot of weight to the point that people notice! And I get very sleepy. I usually think about my happy place. It calms me down.
—Guest Julissa

Can't Eat At All

I'm a big stressball, unfortunately, but when I reach a high level of stress, I am simply not in the mood to eat. It's strange, but the thought of food disturbs me. If I add sadness into the equation, I won't eat for days. One time, I went almost 2 weeks with not a single bite of food (that stayed down). My body reacts completely ridiculously when I'm this stressed.
—Guest alicia

My Stress and Eating

I am post menopausal and weight training to loose weight. I am trying to limit calories to 1300 a day. Today at weigh-in I only lost .8 of a pound. I have lost 8.8 pounds in 16 weeks. It comes off so slow I get emotional. I passed on birthday cake and ice cream, wine at a family occasion and still lost a tiny .8 of a pound. I came home and ate bruschetta to feel better.
—Guest judy

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