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Readers Respond: What iPhone Applications Help You Relieve Stress?

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Updated May 05, 2009

I really like stress relieving applications for the iPhone—they’re all relatively inexpensive, can be used very conveniently throughout the day, and can be used as viable tools for stress relief by those who already have iPhones. The following is a list of iPhone applications that I’ve found that I’ve also really enjoyed, and would recommend for stress relief, as well as applications that other readers have enjoyed. What iPhone applications do you use to relieve stress? Add your answer to the list!


This is such a relaxing app. Definitely perfect for stress relief and tuning out. You just doodle on the screen and it releases these amazing shapes.. quite unique. I havent really come across anything like that. Highly recommend!
—Guest Julia

Angry Birds

I have found that Angry Birds is a great way to relieve my stress levels. There are also knock-off physics based games that are less challenging and quite easy to lose tension on. I especially like the explosive birds. Lol
—Guest jonathan snow

Niroga's Manage you stress

I like this app. 4 simple steps and timers to prompt me to advance to the next step.
—Guest Sanjay

Stress Tracker (AboveStress, Inc.)

I love Stress Tracker by AboveStress. It is made by clinical psychologists. it includes many nice features but still very easy-to-use. Highly recommended.


You can listen to any music you want for free!! Nothing calms you down more than listening to your jam!
—Guest Jango radio mobile

Emotion Color Test

This application help measure your stress level and find your way to reach optimum health.
—Guest FamilyGuy

Best Stress Reliever?

Wow I picked this up on the app store and just wow. So simple yet beautiful. You swipe your fingers across the screen, the screen shows pebbles, and water motion occurs. Almost like your putting your hand in real water. A soothing song plays as well. Kills stress instantly!
—Guest Fluid and Fluid 2

Stress Pile

StressPile, an easy, fun and yet effective stress tracking tool for any and everyone to use, it's one of the easiest way to keep a detailed track of your stress or stressors in your life.
—Guest http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stress-pi

Nike+ with GPS

I have been dealing with both anxiety and depression for the last few months and have noticed that exercise helps a great deal, but I often find it difficult most days to get motivated and get moving.  The Nike+ app for the iPhone is great as a motivational tool as it uses the GPS function to show you the distance on a map that you have covered. It also gives a total amount of miles covered and your fastest time. I don't run, but I use it for when I take a quick 20 min walk around the block and it gives you a feeling of having accomplished something.  Also it has guest celebrity voices for motivation which are more unexpectedly funny than anything else. 
—Guest Jessica

"Feel Good Tracker"

I use this App to record the activities that I do. It's really easy to use and I like the simple rating system.

Pin the Donkey, my ... !

There is one more! Add a picture to the Donkey, give it a name and Donkerize it! You can also check the scores and see if you are on there! Pin the Donkey, my ... ! http://itunes.apple.com/app/pinthedonkeymy/id366918936
—Guest iice74

Runner's World

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Relaxation app

I use the relax app by Andrew Johnson. It is the best thing I have ever done. I use it every night and almost always fall asleep with it. Last week I took a 4 hour flight (something I have never done before) and I used the app on the plane. I was really relaxed. There is also a free version on iTunes.
—Guest stressed iphone fan


This app has many features for stress management. There's a module for learning relaxation, humor, and inspiring quotes. There's also a module that helps you identify negative thoughts and replace them with reframed positive ones. It also allows you to rate and graph your thoughts and feelings so you can track your progress in managing your stress. It's like having access to cognitive behavior therapy 24/7.
—Guest iphonefan

All of Them!

I just love to download and play with the free apps... doesn't matter if they're specificallly designed to relieve stress or not. On my commuter train ride to and from work, I particularly love to play with the Facebook app, and TwitFon, which allow me to keep up with my friends.
—Guest Nancy L.
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