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Readers Respond: How Do You Cope When Feeling Emotional?

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Updated September 21, 2009

When feeling emotional, there are some ways of coping that can help you to feel better, and other reactions that can make things worse. How do you cope when you're feeling emotional or enduring emotional stress? What are your best emotional coping techniques, or your biggest past mistakes? Share your experiences with emotional health, and see what other readers have to say.

Have Positive Outlook to Your Family

When I'm emotional, I tend to look up my family and see how wonderful it is to have them...
—Guest maria celeste porcadilla

Ease Off

I make some calls to my loved ones. Then l shed some tears and sleep it off.
—Guest Faith


i just cry and let out my feelings. For some reason it always helps me.
—Guest jonah taylor

Odd Ways Of Coping

When I feel stressed, I either squeeze my small pillow my grandma made me, read, listen music, or say certain sounds like the hard th and V. I love the way these sound. I also try and find something on the internet to read like another person said. It helps, at least for me. I love my lavender solid perfumes, too. I have lavender, lilac, rose, and wisteria. whenever I'm stressed, I smell them, and try to think of nature's smells and what summer feels like.
—Guest charlotte

When I Get Emotional

When I get emotional about the things people say about me I calm down, then I think about the things they say, but after a while I think of something else like going out somewhere fun that will make me forget about all the things people say.
—Guest tammy

Light a Candle

This is about a tradition I started after a beloved grandparent died, but became so much more. I believe that true love is eternal. All those who have ever truly loved you still do, no matter where you are, no matter where they are. Don't we learn this as children when parents send us off to school, and when we return, our parents are there, still loving us as much as they did before we went. And so when my grandmother died, I lit a candle for her, a flame symbolizing that eternal love coming from wherever she was. As years went by I continued to light the candle, and think of all those who have loved me and realized one day that whatever I'm suffering through, they'd want me to be happy, and to live the best life each day that I possibly can. And so lighting the candle became a promise to them, to honor their love for me by doing at least one thing each day to lift my spirits, because they would do that for me if they could, as well as a promise to live the best life I can each day.
—Guest Nobody


In my opinion, the sun, the sea, and the sky are my best friends in my hard moments in my life. People are very busy to listen to your problems, and most of the time they do not pay attention, so it's the perfect chance to come close to Mother Nature, to see the birds that have almost nothing, but everything in their lives. And birds always fly and open their wings wider and wider till the sky feels small compared to them. God bless.
—Guest Andreas

The Need for Love

I think when anyone of us begins to feel low and we get emotional, we need to have more support and love. I believe we get like that in this first place because we endure things on our own and the 'love support thing' is missing, so we feel lonely and that brings with it all sorts of symptoms and ailments, which inevitably make us feel worse. It is true music, warm baths, and deep sighing breaths can give us temporary relief, but the best cure of all is a good old fashioned hug and cup of love. May sound a bit soppy, but it can heal when other things have failed us. If we are on our own, then we need some self-loving and be kind to yourself. Take care
—Guest Gary

Coping with Stress

I try to listen to music, or play it myself. Find inspirational songs and play them over and over again full-blast. I also just tend to let it all out in the middle of the night (no one can see me, all that). I try relaxing things, such as taking deep breaths (I know, it sounds cheesy but it does work!) to calm myself.
—Guest Kathryn


I think a good cry always helps. When you're on your own, just take 5 minutes and let it all out. Also, do something nice for yourself--a bubble bath, do your nails, a hot chocolate and a soft blanket. Breathing exercises are good, and also writing....
—Guest nixnix

I Write

I write out all the frustration, anger, pain, disappointment, fear, worry, and disbelief that my diagnosis has brought. My diagnosis is not correct - they say I have relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis ... I say I have PD, as both my parents had, as my symptoms closely follow my dad's at my age. I will continue to seek the correct diagnosis, and so the correct medication. My writing allows me a reference point to refer to before seeing my therapist or my neurologist ... it supplements my weakening memory for detail ... and it validates my feelings and determination. It may be that i have both MS and PD ... but they are ignoring the PD and early treatment is a benefit I'm being denied ... I will continue to write, and to seek the right diagnosis. I fear that the MS med might be enabling an increasing loss in dopamine, as it is designed to cross the blood brain barrier, thus weakening that and inviting other cross overs, in or out, in my innocent estimation.
—Guest pens'nchalk


When I feel overwhelmed by a given situation, I take the time to walk and take a deep breath. Put the music to full blast and just dance.
—Guest India

Cry at Times

When I feel stressed, I listen to gospel worshiping songs, then I cry and pray while crying, and log into my diary, and start telling myself that I can do it. It makes me stronger day by day.
—Guest Mimi

Coping With Emotional Stress

Talking to a trusted friend eases a bit, but keeping in mind that time heals all wounds helps me a lot. Just yourself busy with things you love doing.
—Guest mane

Give Yourself a Good Talking To

I use self-talk to calm myself down and figure out what is making me so stressed. I really look at what the cause is and decide if it is something I can change or not, if it is important enough to worry about and what I am going to do about it. Learning to use your self talk to help you is a wonderful gift.

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