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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Cognitive Reframing Techniques That Work

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Updated February 15, 2010

Glad To Be Working

I'm a free-lancer and I work a lot. Before the economy took a dive, I would sometimes be overwhelmed with the amount of work I have. Now I'm just so thankful to be working that I rarely feel stressed by it. I guess it's all in your perspective.
—Guest James

Kids as Stress Relief

I'm a busy working mom with three kids, and never seem to have much time for myself. With three active boys, I could get overwhelmed by how busy it all gets and how much my sons want my attention when I walk through the door. But I read an article (on this site, I think!) about letting kids be your stress relief, and now I try to be fully present with my kids, play with them, and just have fun with them. I'm enjoying my time with my kids more, instead of noticing the 'work' of motherhood as much.
—Guest Lynn

Folding Laundry Is Fun!

When I had my third child, I realized that I would be doing a LOT of laundry, and I could either let it overwhelm me, or decide it's 'fun' to fold laundry. I decided to see laundry folding as fun, and thought I have five grandsons now, I still find folding laundry to be a relaxing activity. (In fact, when I'm feeling particularly stressed, I sometimes 'unwind' by folding my daughters' laundry for them, which relieves their stress, too!)
—Guest Jeanne

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