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Readers Respond: Top Strategies for Coping With Loneliness

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Updated December 14, 2010

From the article: How To Cope With Loneliness
Loneliness is something that most people face at one point or another, and it can be a stressful experience. There are antidotes to loneliness, but they're not always what you may think--it's possible to feel lonely in a crowd, so just going where other people are doesn't always change the issue, though it can still help. One thing that can help is to share experiences, so you've come to the right place. Read the best strategies for coping with loneliness from others who have been there, and share your best advice, if you have any to give.

Coping with the Holidays!

I decided to adopt a child for gift giving during the Holidays. It was fun & a distraction from the process.
—Guest Goldy55

Lonely and Stressed

I med a guy and he never told me that he had a girlfriend, and the woman came to visit him and I'm lonely. I don't know what to do because I love him and I can't stop thinking about him. It hurts, but what he told me is that he loves me, too. I'm confused.
—Guest jennifer

Christmas 96

I had been recently divorced and our daughter came for a short visit on Christmas Eve. When she left, I felt horribly alone. It hurt! After afew hours self-pity, I rose up and met two friends and a homeless-unknown man- in a church Christmas dinner. It was ane of the toughest and most wonderful Christmas Eves in my life.

Social Isolation

Many years ago as a young man travelling across Canada I met an elderly lady with whom I had a conversation . I commented I admired her for undertaking a long journey on her own. I have never forgotten her reply. She observed that one could not wait for people to come to oneself, one had to go to them. There is an oriental saying that "One has to keep one's mouth open a long time before a roasted duck flies in". In the song "Cabaret" we are exhorted not to sit alone in our room. By going out to a museum or art gallery we will find ourselves amongst people. Importantly, we shall be focussing our attention on beautiful, interesting objects, paintings works of art that will take our minds off ourselves so that we are outward directed not inward directed. A good way to banish feelings of loneliness is to engage in a project with others. Besides the companionship of others there is the sense of achievement working towards worthwhile goals.
—Guest Edward Infield

Loneliness, Reward or Punishment

Loneliness is a time to reflect on our relationships. Volunteering is the loneliness antidote that works best for me. Community dance classes are great volunteer opportunities that exist almost everywhere. Another nontechnical volunteer program is a local mentoring program such as Big Brothers/Sisters. Last suggestion: Ask your pastor if you can accompany him during his weekly visitation. Sew the seed.
—Guest PEM

Alone But Not Lonely

I have been alone a lot during my life and I have come to realize that being lonely is a state of mind. Just like the expression "Fake it til you make it". Keep doing whatever it takes to overcome unpleasant circumstances and eventually it becomes habit. Determination and some surrender is necessary.

You Are Never Alone

Coming holidays may worry many of us and some will feel loneliness. It is causing lot of stress. This is totally avoidable. Loneliness is in our mind. It is our thinking that we are lonely and you feel stress and may feel fear and anxiety also. I assure you you are never alone and you are not aware of your permanent company. This company is so wonderful that once you know it and use it you will be full with joy and stress is someone Else's botheration not yours. Hope this will help.
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