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Readers Respond: Top Happy Things To Create In Your Life

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Updated March 10, 2011

From the article: Q: What Can Make Me Happy?
We all have certain things in our lives we consider to be our "happy things"--the things we really enjoy, that bring us happiness. For me, this includes bubble baths, chocolate, music, laughter, game nights, and several other things. Sharing our happy things with others, we can all have more ideas on how to enjoy life's pleasures and gratifications, and just enjoy life more. Learn about the top happy things that bring joy to the lives of others, and share your own happy things to brighten someone else's day.


I take care of four of my seven grandchildren on a daily basis. More often than I can note, something happens and just looking at their wonderful faces brings an outer AND inner smile to my being.
—Guest Patricia

Zen Office

Last year, I converted a messy guest room into a soothing home office. I have aromatherapy candles and incense in my favorite scents; a comfortable chair--and an extra one for my feet!--and a soothing color scheme. I keep a cup of my favorite tea handy when I don't have perrier on hand. It took a few months to clean out and decorate this room, but now it's my haven, and I get much more done when I work in this room. It's truly my "happy place."
—Guest Elizabeth


I believe Joy is the true foundation for happiness. If You are able to grow and mature in Joy, then nothing will have power over your happiness, on a long term basis. You can have a down day or your work becomes stressful. A family member or friend becomes ill or passes away. All these and countless others can cause a short term detour in momentary happiness, but with a true foundation of JOY in your inner spirit; happiness will return very soon. When You have truly experienced the inner confidence of Joy that comes from a relationship with a being more powerful than yourself, than it is a true comfort to move on day to day in this complex world. So go have a Big Fat Happy Day!!
—Guest BigFatHappyDay

Great Advice to Cultivate a Happy Life

Elizabeth, thank you for giving valuable information on building happier and more peaceful life. I think being grateful is almost the most impotrant thing for life, since if you thank the universe for all good or bad things, it will offer you more beautiful and gratifying things which help you climb the steps of ladder of success and happiness. Also, there is an old saying in my country 'giving opens the doors of heaven for you'; I agree with you, giving is better than receiving.
—Guest Ozu


Even in the midst of hopelessness , expect that there'll be a good thing happening tomorrow.

How to be Happy

Happiness is an inner gift of positive attitude. If we have positive attitude and take things easily and try the habit of let it go and forget to be in tension in small problems by others and try our best not to be angry with anyone in any situation as far as possible will lead to the happy life. Patience, kindness, honesty and trying to be in good mood and smiling face with the conscience that all human beings have problems in one way or other will lead to the path to happiness.
—Guest jay mishra

Garden Room

In 2002, I setup a vegetable garden with a 3' white picket fence next to the street side of my house. Over time huge trees grew over half of it. I had to move the old garden out, so now it’s my new picnic/family room. I placed my swings under the trees then moved the outdoor furniture around. Once I started I couldn't stop, so I setup a charcoal BBQ in the sunny end of my herb garden away from the trees. It cost me next-to-nothing for I just moved things around. Now family members can cook while we visit. The grandchildren enjoy picking fresh tomatoes and onions from my new vegetable garden in back. This one happy thing I’ve created has put joy into my retirement.

Great Text

Thank you, Elizabeth, a lot of useful information about stress and how to become a happy person and reduce everyday stress!
—Guest M

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