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Readers Respond: What Are You Most Grateful For?

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Updated October 07, 2010

Developing the habit of being grateful for all that we have is a way to feel less stressed and more happy with life. Sharing the things that make us feel the most grateful, and reading other people's lists can really spread the joy. Read what other people feel most grateful for in life, and see why. Then share your own thoughts and experiences. Let the things that make you feel most grateful be the things that bring the most joy.


I am very thankful that God had blessed me with such amazing people in my life. He knows when to send amazing people in when I'm going through hard times. Relationships are hard and when things get rocky, he just knows who to send in to make me feel better. I'm thankful to have the constant support of my family. My sisters are amazing. It has been a very challenging year and we've only gotten closer because of that. Though I may have lost some people along the way, I thank God that he has blessed me with an open and accepting attitude that better things will come.
—Guest macaronee

Grateful to Have Another Chance to Live

I am grateful to have another chance chance to live after my life was threatened by a anaphilactic shock due to the allergic reaction to an antibiotic. Thank you G-d for giving me another chance to continue living. This episode raised my awareness about having a plan for any type of emergencies. We live each day with life and death........
—Guest Ana Iosipan

My Being Grateful For Is

That every day, no matter what happens, there is always me, and my self being able to face what ever comes next. That I have no reasons now to get whatever is not necessary to keep. Once I have gained my ability to avoid all nagative thoughts, that always makes me feel really small, and that is what I am being grateful for being blessed all day with health, and being able to face my daily challenges.
—Guest liza

The Gift of Family

I am so grateful that GOD gave me the most wonderful parents, supportive siblings, loving husband and adorable kids.
—Guest Zen

Lost lots but happy to have Some.

I'm grateful that I've survived my personal and professional unhappiness. I'm grateful that though I'm nowhere close to the life I had envisioned for myself, I'm far better off than so many others. I'm grateful God provided me oppurtunities all the time, yes I never understood them correctly and made decisions sometimes incorrect ones. But I like to think at least I had choices. I'm grateful to have loved someone like my husband with all my heart and soul, though he doesn't feel that way I was lucky to have his love while it lasted. Better to have loved and lost than not loved at all. I'm grateful to my hubby for the beautiful times and dreams we shared making true few of them!! I'm grateful to have my darling daughter, her smile makes me forget that there is any sadness in this world. She may or may not love me like the rest of people around me but that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I'm grateful to loving people who stepped in and out of my life and shaped it the way it is now!
—Guest grateful2life

So Many Reasons for Gratitude!

If you ask me what I'm grateful for, the list would be too long to share here. Mainly, I'm grateful for Life, for my children, for the health I have in spite of too many challenges, for the will that has allowed me to go on when I found myself dangling from the end of the frayed, thin rope too many times. I'm grateful for the love and spirit that so many people share with others, and for God's Grace, which allows it all to happen.

What I Am Grateful For

I am grateful to God for my health, and for giving me a fantastic dog who entered my life just when I thought I was going to give up. My mother passed away two days after Christmas last year. Mum lived with me and we had spent 45 years of being with each other every day, so I was a complete wreck when she passed, then my beloved pet Suzie had to be put to sleep two weeks after losing Mum. It was a terrible time. I returned to work and dreaded coming home each day to an empty house, then I saw a picture of my present dog, Denz, and just knew I had to rescue him from the dog centre. Denz has been a true blessing. I can never feel down when I am with him. I will miss Mum and Suzie forever, but Denz gave me a reason to keep going.
—Guest Rosie

What I'm Grateful For

Through your (Elizabeth) newsletter I am able to manage my stress. Thanks from India.
—Guest jagdish p


Each day has possibilities for meeting people, engaging in new adventures, acquiring knowledge, experiencing new wonders, participating in the miracle of life. What I am grateful for above all is life with all its possibilities and loved ones and good friends to share it with today.
—Guest Edward Infield

What I am gratful for.

My positive attitude and my new granddaughter coming in May.
—Guest Cheryl

What I Am Grateful For

For my family and friends. For cheering me up when I am really down. My husband died on June 18th. Our sons and their families are always there for me. I Thank God for giving me a wonderful family. I am grateful that my son's operation went well. Hopefuly he will be home for Christmas. I am grateful that the Lord blessed me and is always there when I call on him.
—Guest Laura


There were many life changing episodes in my life. Went through breast cancer and in remission for two years. Lost my wonderful brother through a massive heart attack. Lost another family member through cancer and a young cousin with pneumonia. There are a few more who are in various stages of illness. As I reflect upon this I can say that I am very grateful to have them in my life. I try to stay in contact with my family, relatives and friends who mean a lot to me. Telling them I love and appreciate them. For those who've made me feel down, I've approached them and forgave them. Each day of life I'm very grateful for the breath that is taken in. Looking and really seeing the people I cherish around me brings joy to my heart and fills my soul. For this and everything else I'm truly gratefuly and blessed.
—Guest Pat

To "Guest Marcia"

I don't know if you realise it, but go up a few comments to my comment "commitment to helping shelter animals...." I am talking about you!! God bless you!
—Guest shihtzumama

What Are You Grateful For

I am grateful to God for keeping me alive, and also for bringing back my longtime lover and for giving me a job. I am grateful to him!
—Guest geraldine

Grateful for Life

I am grateful to be alive and to have had the deep pleasure of having loved my parents till I was able to give them grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am grateful that I have a wonderful wife despite her shortcomings and for the four beautiful children we have raised together. I am also grateful that I am still working after retiring from government and still going strong and happy that my work is really appreciated. I thank for wonderful colleagues and bosses. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me a long productive life.
—Guest MayaPrince

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