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Readers Respond: Procrastinators' Tips On Beating Procrastination

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Updated February 04, 2011

Are you a procrastinator? You’re not alone; many of us have at least a few tasks that turn us into procrastinators. (A few of us have many tasks that bring out our inner procrastinator!) A few tricks work with most procrastinators—set small goals, reward yourself often, create a time management plan—and it always helps to hear what works from someone who’s been there. What are your best tips for beating the urge to put things off? What hasn’t worked for you in the past—and what has? Share your best procrastinator’s tips below, and find a few new strategies you can use in you need to. How do YOU beat procrastination?

Close the Email!

Email is one of my favorite tools for procrastinating - I hear the little ding and I rush to check it, no matter what I'm in the middle of. I've created a schedule of when I can check email and it's given me much more focus. Now, if I could only do something about surfing the 'Net...

Reordering My List

I'm a procrastinator, maybe different from the norm. I'm good about doing stuff I need to do, but I tend to pick the easiest, quickest tasks first and put off the bigger, time consuming projects... that dread of not finishing them creeps in..... When I know that might happen, sometimes I'm able to force myself to do the big, long, project first - then "reward" myself later by ticking off those quickie tasks later.


Perfectionism has been the greatest challenge to me. I have learned to take things easy.
—Guest Alozious

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