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Readers Respond: Top Meditations for Stress Relief

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Updated October 19, 2009

What types of meditations are the simplest? The most convenient? The most beneficial to those seeking stress relief? The answers to these questions can vary according to opinion, so a variety of answers on meditations can be helpful. Share your favorite meditations and see what meditations are helpful to others.

Mindfulness Meditation

I've been using mindfulness meditation for the last few years. It involves listening to a body scan on a cd player. It works great!!
—Guest lindsaycarol355@yahoo.com

Concentration Meditation

I started meditating two weeks back, with eyes closed and concentrating on an image like, I think of my God's image and try to sustain the image in my mind. It's difficult in the beginning as you can not keep the image. The mind drifts to many things. I started practicing to keep the image at leats for 30 seconds first ( believe me that was very difficult.) Now I can sustain it for 1 min ( I hope to reach 5 min and then 10 ). But it really hepled me in alleviating my stress, and improving my migraine. Also it helped me gain will power over junk food and drinks. I feel good from within and more happy. :)
—Guest Shikhsha Shah


God makes our destiny, but we can work with him to make it better.

Visualization Meditation

I like to do this at the end of a workout or yoga practice. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, picture myself in a quiet, calm place and listen to my breath and my heartbeat. If my mind drifts or thinks of other things, I see them, don't judge them and let them go.
—Guest CharlieB

Meditation and Stress

I think that the simplest and the most beneficial ways to relieve stress are meditations. We always should think before we do every thing. First Think then Action. About loving kindness, I think that it's the hardest way to be because one-sided love creates stress and can destroy a good relationship, but mutual love causes stability, and good relationships finally lead to stress relief.
—Guest Nasrin Namdari


I find that meditations done in the morning are much more productive, regardless of the technique, than meditations done later in the day. (Staying awake more easily is one of the less-obvious benefits.)
—Guest Ari

Chocolate Meditation

Ever since Dr. Oz showed Oprah how to meditate on one piece of chocolate, I've been hooked! I have practiced the chocolate meditation regularly ever since!
—Guest Sarah
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