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Areas of Life--And Responses--That Lead To Stress


There are many events in life that can cause stress. This section explores the main culprits, as well as habitual thought patterns that can help or hurt, to give you a clearer picture of where the stress is coming from so you can more easily cope.
  1. Job Stress
  2. School Stress
  3. Financial Stress
  4. Relationship Stress
  5. Traits and Attitudes That Increase Stress

Job Stress

Long hours, difficult co-workers, and lack of appreciation are just a few factors that contribute to job stress. Here are resources for understanding and handling the factors that can make work stressful.

  1. In The Wrong Job?
  2. Co-Worker Conflicts
  3. Need for Balance
  4. Burnout Causes and Symptoms
  5. Job Stress and Health

School Stress

Students face many pressures from school, which can amount to a significant amount of stress. Learn about the different causes of school stress, and find resources for overcoming it, including study tips and stress relievers specifically designed for students.

  1. Test Anxiety
  2. Common Causes of School Anxiety
  3. Causes of the Freshman 15 (College Weight Gain)
  4. Reduce School Stress and Excel In School
  1. Reduce the Stress of Finals
  2. College Stress Causes
  3. Reducing Stress in College Life

Financial Stress

Money problems can be a major source of stress and conflict. Learn more about financial stress and how to protect yourself.

  1. How Financial Stress Can Affect You
  2. Stress and Tax Season
  3. Reduce Your Money Stress
  4. How to Handle a Financial Crisis

Relationship Stress

The people in our lives can be our greatest source of comfort--and sometimes a significant cause of stress. Learn more about what can be stressful in your social life, and why, so you can cut down on the stress in your relationships and increase the support.

  1. The Toll of Conflict
  2. Assess Your Social Stress
  3. Handling Difficult People
  4. Stress and Parenthood
  1. Unresolved Family Conflict
  2. Loneliness
  3. When To Let Go

Traits and Attitudes That Increase Stress

Your responses to the stressors in your life can have a palpable impact on your experience of stress. The following traits and ways of seeing the world have an especially significant impact. Find out more about how you can create or release stress with your mind.

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Type A Personality
  3. Pessimism
  4. External Locus of Control
  5. Poor Communication
  1. Addictive or Unhealthy Behaviors
  2. Anger
  3. Rumination and Obsessing
  4. Distorted Thinking

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