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Ongoing Stress Management Resources

Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters, And Other Resources for Stress Management


Updated January 08, 2012

Stress management is about cutting out stressors, changing our thought patterns, and forming habits that decrease our reactivity to stress. This is an ongoing practice; while there are techniques that can decrease feelings of stress within seconds, a well-rounded, ongoing approach to stress management can bring lasting stress relief, plus long-term benefits like increased health and happiness. The following resources can help you to learn easily and enact small changes in an ongoing way, making the process of stress management into a simple and fun journey.

1. Subscribe To The Weekly Stress Management Newsletter

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This newsletter, which generally comes twice a week, brings the latest research on stress as well as targeted information on all areas of stress and stress management. The newsletter also includes many quizzes, polls, and resources that invite participation, as well as blogs that highlight a timely aspect of stress relief and link to deeper resources. This can all enable you to make stress management a welcome part of your life, without becoming overwhelming. Stay motivated to manage your stress, and have some support along the way by subscribing to this inspirational newsletter!

2. "Like" The Facebook Page "About Stress"

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The Facebook group "About.com Stress Management" brings regular inspirational quotes and wall photos about stress relief, plus articles and tips on stress management. This is a highly convenient for Facebook users to get ongoing information on stress and stress management, engage with other readers through the comments section, and even share tips with friends to start discussions within your circle and help your loved ones feel less stressed. We'd love to have you join us--be sure to "like" the page, and the rest takes care of itself.

3. Follow "About_Stress" On Twitter

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If you're someone who prefers Twitter, you can get the same great information from Twitter that you get from Facebook, plus a few re-tweets and mentions as well. Get regular inspirational quotes, articles and tips, with occasional humorous re-tweets and the best of what I come across on Twitter, and share what you like with your followers as well. (Also, I tend to follow back.)

4. Take A Free Quiz Or Two

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Many people have told me that they love my free stress management quizzes because they help them to better understand how stress management concepts relate to their lives. People have also told me that they're fun to take. Perhaps the best thing about my free self-assessments is that they point you to resources that are targeted for your situation. Whatever your reason, take a quiz now and find out if you have a Type-A personality, are a perfectionist, are an adrenaline junkie, and more. Then find out what to do if you are!

5. Choose An E-Course

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If you want to deepen your understanding of a particular concept or technique, stress management e-courses are the way to go! These courses span from a few days to a few weeks (although the Daily Tips e-course continues for months) and are delivered straight to your inbox. Most of them include interactive resources like informative articles, journaling questions, quizzes, and places to share your thoughts. Sign-up for as many as you'd like, and cancel any time. The best part is, they're free!

6. Share Your Tips, And See Other Readers' Best Advice

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Sometimes the best advice on stress management comes from people who have tried many things and stumbled onto something that's unusual, but works very well. Other times, seeing the same stress management answers over and over can help you to know what works best for most people, and what might be worth a try. The information and resources from this site are research-backed and reviewed, but my User Answers articles are my readers' best advice--tips from readers, for readers. Share your best tips, and see what others have to share.

7. Vote In A Poll

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How much sleep do you get? Do you hold grudges? Are you a perfectionist? The answers to these questions can help you to better understand where your stress comes from, and help you to make necessary changes. The fun of my Stress Management Polls is that the questions make you think, and the results let you know where you stand compared to others who are also seeking stress relief. (For example, wouldn't you love to know how many of my thousands of readers have homes as cluttered as yours--or as neat?) Check out these fun stress polls and see the answers to questions you didn't even know you had!

8. Subscribe To The RSS Feed For Blogs

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The Stress Management Blogs on this site are designed to share timely information like stress relief techniques geared toward current events and holidays, recent research, and general topics that tend to come up. If you are one who likes to receive RSS feeds already, this is a simple step that can add important stress management information and resources to your life. If you are new to the concept of RSS feeds, this may be an important new resource to explore.

9. Subscribe To The Healthy Monday Newsletter

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The approach of small, steady changes works well when it comes to overall health as well as stress management. That's why the Healthy Monday campaign is so helpful: each week focused on one simple change that can be made to bring a positive impact on overall health and lower the risks of developing the most serious diseases and conditions. Topics center on diet and exercise, as well as other specific health-promoting behaviors. I edit this newsletter as well, and about once a month, the focus is something stress-related. Each week brings a change that can positively impact your life, and resources to better understand what you are doing, and make it happen. Build a healthier lifestyle, one Healthy Monday at a time!

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