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How To Deal With Stressors and Challenges


Updated March 31, 2014

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How To Deal With Stress, Step 1: Stay Calm
How To Deal With Stressors and Challenges

Stress can impact your entire body. Calm down before you decide how to deal with it.

Often when people are faced with difficult or stressful situations, they’re left wondering how to deal with them. Sometimes the negative emotions from these situations can feel overwhelming, and solutions seem elusive. However, the challenging situations we face in life are often the ones that offer us the greatest opportunity for personal growth. Even though the question of how to deal with the challenges we face doesn’t always have a simple or easy answer, looking honestly at our situations, experiencing the emotions they bring up, and searching within ourselves for the answers can bring often-surprising positive outcomes.

The following tips on how to deal with various situations can help serve as a guide. Each situation is different, and may call for a different response, but some of the basics of how to deal with stressors or challenges can apply to many situations. Here are some ideas on how to deal when facing a challenge in life.


Stay Calm

My first suggestion in how to deal with a stressful situation involves calming your body's stress response. Use stress relief techniques to help reverse the fight-or-flight mechanism that your body uses when stressed. If you are truly in physical danger, this stress response can help you stay safe; if the threat you face is more psychological, or can’t be fought off physically, a perpetually-triggered stress response can leave you feeling drained and more emotionally reactive, not to mention more susceptible to illness.

Try these 5 minute stress relief strategies, and move on to page 2: feel your feelings.

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