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Tension Tamers: How To Feel Better Right Now

Below are some stress management techniques proven to effectively help you regain your peaceful state. Experiment, and find a few favorite relaxation tools to use next time you’re feeling overly stressed.
  1. Autogenic Training (2)
  2. Breathing Exercises (6)
  3. Fun and Games (23)
  4. General Techniques (20)
  5. Guided Imagery (3)
  6. Humor and Stress Relief (5)
  7. Journaling (9)
  8. Meditation (30)
  9. PMR (3)
  10. Pets (2)
  11. Positive Affirmations (10)
  12. Self-Hypnosis (2)
  13. Sex (3)
  14. Yoga (5)

How To Get Balanced In Times Of Stress
No matter how prepared we are with stress management techniques, life can sometimes throw us off-balance. Remaining balanced requires an ongoing attention to making adjustments in life as our circumstances change, and those adjustments are best made with a level head. Here are some tips for returning to an emotionally balanced place when stressed.

Tips For Coping With Stress
Coping with stress is an important skill to master. Because of the physical, emotional and psychological toll that stress can take, learning the skills required for successful coping with stress can bring significant benefits to your health and peace of mind. Learn simple strategies for coping with stress.

I'm tight on money and high on stress. Are there any good free stress relievers
Free stress relievers are an excellent option for people who are tight on cash but would like to learn how to relieve stress without paying for the privilege of staying healthy. Here's information on free stress relievers, and how to use them.

Types of Stress and Stress Relief Techniques For Each
There are several different types of stress, and stress relievers that go specifically well with each of them. Learn about different types of stress, and find strategies to effectively manage each of them, as well as additional stress relief resources.

Relaxation Tips for Stress Relief
Relaxation is sometimes seen as a luxury, but in fact, learning techniques to aid relaxation is important for physical and emotional health. Learn more about why relaxation is important, and find tips to help yourself quickly and easily relax in your daily life, whenever you encounter stress.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief
Breathing exercises are often recommended as a stress relief too for good reason: breathing exercises are convenient, simple and effective. Learn more about breathing exercises and how you can use this stress relief tool to de-stress in under 5 minutes!

Create a Vision Board for Stress Relief
A vision board is a tool you can use for positive change in your life. Fun to create and helpful to use, vision boards can be excellent stress management tools as well. Here's how to create a vision board that works for you.

Happiness Shortcuts
When we're stressed, happiness sometimes seems hard to attain. However, happiness doesn't need to be something you work for in the future--there are quick ways to experience happiness right now! Here are some 'shortcuts' to happiness.

6 Ways that Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress
When you think about stress relief, cleaning may not be the first technique that comes to mind. However, the act of cleaning brings several avenues for stress relief. Read about the stress relief benefits of cleaning, and get inspired!

Stress Relief For Tired People
Exercise is a powerful stress management tool that works quickly and builds resilience over time. The downside is that, when people really need stress relief, they are often too exhausted to stay motivated for workouts. These easy stress relief strategies can help relieve stress and possibly build motivation for a good workout as well.

Mindfulness: The Health and Stress Relief Benefits
Mindfulness carries powerful benefits for health and stress relief. Learn more about the practice of mindfulness and current mindfulness research, and find resources to bring mindfulness to your daily life.

Everyday Mindfulness Exercises For Stress Relief
Mindfulness is an amazing tool for stress management and overall wellness because it can be used at virtually any time and can quickly bring lasting results. The following mindfulness exercises are simple and convenient, and can lead you to a deeper experience of mindfulness in your daily life.

Feel Less Frustrated When Stressed
Often when people are stressed they feel more frustrated and emotionally reactive to events that would normally affect them less. In fact, increased frustration, irritability and sensitivity can be signs of burnout as well. If you find yourself feeling less patient, more frustrated, and less able to handle the stresses of your life, here are five important steps that can help you regain your sense of serenity--even when stressed.

Stress Reliever List: 25 More Stress Relievers to Try
Stress is almost a universal experience these days. Here are 25 sound ideas on how to relieve that stress. Try several and find the stress reliever or new stress relief practice that helps you maintain a more calm, balanced, low stress life.

What are some ways I can calm down quickly when I'm feeling overwhelmed?
Sometimes builds up and we suddenly feel overwhelmed. Other times a series of stressful events occur to overwhelm us. However it happens, when overwhelmed, it's important to have some quick stress relievers to help us feel calm right away. Here are some quick and easy ways to calm down quickly when you're suddenly feeling overwhelmed.

Fun Stress Relievers
There are many great stress relievers available, but some of the easiest to actually stick with are the fun ones! Here's a list of fun stress relievers that can distract you out of your stressed frame of mind, and provide additional benefits. Try these fun stress relievers and see which ones can help you acheive a more relaxed, peaceful frame...

25 More of the Top Stress Relievers
Many of us would like to take on new stress relievers, but can't find the right one, or don't have enough ideas on what to try. This list of 25 top stress relievers, complete with information and related resources on each, provides you with plenty of ideas on what to try. Combined with my previous list of 25 stress relievers, you ahve a combined total of 50 great stress relievers, which gives you a great selection for new favorite stress relievers.

Introspective Stress Relievers That Address The Cause of Stress
There are many great stress relievers out there, but perhaps the most useful ways to relieve stress are the ones that help you explore the cause of stress that you're feeling so you can work through your feelings and perhaps prevent future stress. Here's a list of great introspective ways to relieve stress and explore the cause of stress at the...

Here's a growing list of ways you can reduce stress in your life and relieve stress and tension in your mind and body right now! Each stress reliever on the list has links to resources to help you get started so you can feel less stress in your life fast.

Music Relaxation: A Healthy and Conveneint Stress Management Tool
Music has a profound effect of people, both emotionally and physically. Because of this, music can be a powerful tool for relaxation and stress relief. Learn about music relaxation: how and why music affects the body and can be used as an effective stress reliever and stress management tool, and find resources on using music for relaxation and stress management for increased health.

Top Tension Reducing Activities
These tension reducing stress management techniques have been proven effective in helping people reduce stress, relax, and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Learn about meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis and other important stress management exercises, and feel more relaxed right away!

Music and Your Body: How Music Affects Us and Why Music Therapy Promotes Health
Music therapy is a popular and growing field for good reason: music can reduce stress, aid health, and carry many health benefits, and music therapists can harness the power of music to help their clients relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and see many other benefits. Learn about the effects of music on the body and learn why music...

Stress Relief Strategies: Top 10 Stress Relief Strategies You Tried as a Child
Children have natural ways of relieving stress, from day-dreaming to playing games to getting hugs from Mom. Here are 10 stress relief strategies for adults that were adapted from childhood stress relievers. Try one or several of these strategies for stress relief in your daily life; they'll probably come back to you more easily than you think!

Creative Stress Management Activities and Multi-Tasking Stress Stress Relievers
You may know about popular stress management techniques. But did you know that there are some unconventional, productive and creative stress relievers you can work into your day? You may not think of them formally as stress management techniques, but these stress relievers can help you feel more relaxed and enjoy life more, and get other things done, too.[

The Stress Management Word Game: Relieve Stress and Learn!
Playing games is a great way to relieve stress by distracting yourself and lightening your mood. This game has the added benefit of teaching you about other stress management techniques as well! You play it like the classic game "Hangman", except each word is a different stress reliever. When you complete a word, you can search the site for more information on each technique!

Article on Road Rage: How to Manage Road Rage to Stay Healthier and Safer
Road rage has become an increasingly common problem that threatens the safety of all drivers. Here are some ways to handle driving frustrations in yourself and others, including stress management techniques, coping skills and other strategies for quelling road rage before it takes a toll on your health or physical safety.

Aromatherapy: Helpful Or Hype?
Aromatherapy is touted as an effective stress reliever by virtually every bed and bath store across the country. But does it work? Here is what research has to say on the matter, with tips on how you can best use aromatherapy to your advantage.

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