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Stressful Schedules and School Anxiety

A Stressful Schedule Can Contribute to Stress at School


Updated April 29, 2014

Many adults find themselves overwhelmingly busy these days—work hours are getting longer, vacations are shortened or skipped, and people find themselves with little down time. Sadly, our kids are facing similar issues. Here are some of the main scheduling stressors they face:


Much has been said in the media lately about the over-scheduling of our kids, but the problem still continues. In an effort to give their kids an edge, or to provide the best possible developmental experiences, many parents are enrolling their kids in too many extra-curricular activities. As kids become teens, school extracurricular activities become much more demanding. College admissions standards are also becoming increasingly competitive, making it difficult for college-bound high school students to avoid overscheduling themselves.

Lack of Family Time

Due in part to the busyness of kids’ lives and the hectic schedules of most parents, the sit-down family dinner has become the exception rather than the rule in many households. While there are other ways to connect as a family, many families find that they’re too busy to spend time together and have both the important discussions and the casual day recaps that can be so helpful for kids in dealing with the issues they face. Due to a lack of available family time, many parents aren't as connected to their kids, or knowledgeable about the issues they face, as they would like.

Not Enough Sleep

According to a poll on this site, a large proportion of readers aren't getting enough sleep to function well each day. Unfortunately, this isn't just a problem that adults face. As schedules get busier, even young kids are finding themselves habitually sleep-deprived. This can affect health and cognitive functioning, both of which impact school performance.

School Anxiety Factors:
Social Causes
Scheduling Stresses
Academic Factors
Your Child's Environment

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