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What Is Feng Shui, and How Does It Impact Stress?


Updated September 29, 2010

What Is Feng Shui, and How Does It Impact Stress?

Doesn't that just feel peaceful? Many people feel intuitively calmed by Feng Shui decoration.

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Definition: Feng Shui is an ancient art and science involving the placement of objects in an environment to positively impact the energy of those in the room. While the practice was developed 3000 years ago in China, Feng Shui is gaining popularity around the world as a method for creating a peaceful home or office environment. (See this resource on Feng Shui for more information.) While some people believe that Feng Shui can bring good fortune through its effect on the chi, or life energy, of those in the room and the energy of different areas of one’s life, others simply enjoy Feng Shui as a good system for elegant home organization and decoration. Whatever your level of interest and understanding of Feng Shui, it has provided a route to low-stress decorating for many, many people; decorating with some basic Feng Shui principles in mind might help you to create a peaceful, relaxing environment for yourself and your family or co-workers.

Feng Shui for Stress Relief

The following are some Feng Shui resources that may provide stress relief. These articles come from About.com’s Feng Shui site, which is run by an experienced Feng Shui consultant. (Be sure to scroll down for more resources, including a free weekly newsletter on stress management.) Source: About.com Feng Shui
Pronunciation: It sounds like 'fung shway'

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