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Situational Stress: From Holidays to Disasters, Understanding & Coping

Here are some resources on stressful life events, and how to cope.
  1. Coping With Crisis (8)
  2. Fear and Stress (3)
  3. Holiday Survival Guide (42)
  4. New Year's Stress (10)
  5. Travel Stress (7)

Causes of Stress - What Are The Main Causes of Stress?
There are many causes of stress, and some situations and events seem to cause significant stress in most people. What are the main causes of stress for you? Share your answers, and see what others have to say about their main causes of stress.

Having A Bad Day?
We all have bad days. However, a day that starts out bad need not finish bad! Learn what makes a bad day continue on a negative track, and find strategies to turn a bad day into a good day!

New Year's Resolution Stress
New Year's Resolutions can bring exciting changes, but often bring stress in the first days and weeks. Learn about the common sources of New Year's Resolution stress, and find strategies for stress relief so your resolutions can be a success without all the stress.

Election Disappointment - Dealing with the Stress of a Disappointing Election
The 2008 presidential election was an intense one! If your candidate didn't win, you may be feeling stressed, frustrated and disappointed. Here are some strategies for coping with your feelings.

Election Stress Relief
The 2008 election is one of the most stressful in recent history! Here are some ways to reduce the stress of the election, and feel more at peace.

How Can I Find Freedom From Fear of A Terror Attack?
It's difficult to find freedom from fear of events beyond our control, like terror attacks or natural disasters. This article provides resources for dealing with fears and being prepared.

How To Minimize Summer Stress
Summer can present many opportunities for fun, but summer stress is also extremely common and can take a significant toll. The following strategies can be especially timely during the summer season.

Secret Causes of Summer Stress
Summertime…and the living is easy—right? Well, not always. While we tend to expect a more relaxed lifestyle during summer, and the season definitely has its perks, summer can bring its share of unexpected stress. This summer stress article explores areas of hidden stress that affect many of us during the summer season.

Stress and Noise Pollution: How You May Be At Risk
Noise pollution is more common and more damaging than many people realize. Learn about the effects and causes of noise pollution and the toll it can take on your stress levels and health.

I'm Experiencing Anxiety About A Potential Bird Flu Pandemic. What Can I Do?
Concerned about bird flu? You’re not alone. The concerns about bird flu and a potential worldwide flu pandemic are very real and should be cause for concern. However, at some point, the worry can become unhealthy. Here are some resources to help you know what you can do to prepare, and how you can let go of excessive levels of anxiety.

What Is An Adrenaline Junkie? What Can You Do If You Are?
Adrenaline junkies aren't just bank robbers and sky divers--many people subconsciously create stress in their lives to enjoy the adrenaline rush that accompanies the body's stress response. Learn more about the traits of everyday adrenaline junkies so you can see if you may be causing yourself unnecessary stress, and learn what you can do to...

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