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Setting Boundaries and Saying No

It may seem hard at first, but with the help of these pages and a little practice, you can clear your life of unnecessary commitments.

Say No to To People Making on Your Time
If you're too busy and too stressed, you could likely cut down on stress by learning to say no. Although pushy people don't always make it easy, these simple tips on saying no give you easy ways to say no to requests on your time without having to be pushy yourself, so you can say no to more stress and yes to the things you really want in life. Relaxation is also important, and you can find more time by learning to say no. Here's how!

How To Use Assertive Communication For Stress Management
Here's a helpful guide on how to develop assertive communication skills to reduce stress in your life and improve your relationships.

Tis The Season to Feel...Golly! Understanding and Managing The Seemingly...
Do you find that, rather than feeling jolly and care-free, the holiday season leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Find out why this phenomenon has become all too common, and learn how you can eliminate the stress and enjoy the holidays as they were meant to be enjoyed!

Stages Of Learning To Say No
Donna Birk helps us understand the three stages of learning to say ‘no’, for those who have a difficult time disappointing people. See what stage applies to you right now, and what lies ahead in your journey to maintaining a less scheduled lifestyle.

The Power Of Saying No
Dr. Linda Tillman walks us through the hows and whys of saying ‘no’ more often in our lives, and illustrates the difference between an ineffective ‘no’ and an assertive ‘no’. This is a great article for those who are in the practice of saying ‘yes’ to please others, and burdening themselves with stress as a result.

How to Cut Down on Obligations That Cause Stress
Obligations—those things we have to do in life—don’t have to be stressful, but if you find your schedule filled only with obligations (especially obligations that you don’t enjoy), you may find yourself lacking motivation, feeling overwhelmed, or even battling burnout. If you’re feeling stressed, and your schedule is overly-filled with...

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