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Is your stress load is heavier than the average person’s? Could you be at risk for burnout or a stress-related illness? These free stress tests, personality tests and self assessment tools can help you find more about yourself and your relationship to stress.

What Are Your Stress Symptoms?
Stress can impact your health in many ways. How does stress show up in your body? Take the Stress Symptoms Quiz and find resources for dealing with your stress symptoms!

How Resilient Are You? Take The Emotional Resilience Quiz To Find Out!
Some people are more emotionally resilient than others, and are thus able to handle stress more easily. Do you wonder if you are one of those people? Take the Emotional Resilience Quiz and find out! You'll also find targeted resources to increase your level of resilience if it needs a boost.

Stress Myths: Test Your Knowledge of Fact and Fiction--And Learn The Truth!
Can you really worry yourself sick? Can stress really make your hair fall out? Does stress make you fat? We all hear tales of the effects of stress, but which are stress myths and which are, in fact, true? This quick quiz can test your knowledge of the effects of stress, and give you the truth about stress myths and stress facts! It's a fun...

Might Stress Be Affecting Your Weight?
There are several ways in which stress can impact your weight. Take the 'Stress-And-Your-Weight' test to see if and how your stress level may be affecting your waistline, and find resources for healthier living.

The Stress Reliever Personality Test
The easiest way to stick with a new stress relief habit is to choose the right one for your personality and lifestyle. This stress reliever personality quiz evaluates different aspects of your personality and points you to the best stress relievers for your particular personality traits, making it easier for you to find--and stay with--healthy new stress relief habits.

Job Burnout Quiz: Assess Your Risk For Job Burnout
Is your job putting you under excessive levels of stress? Our work lives take up much of our waking hours, and affect us greatly. This job burnout self test is designed to analyze features of your job that may put you at a greater risk of job burnout, and assess your emotional state and feelings about your job, to let you know more about your...

Are You An Adrenaline Junkie?
Some people seem to thrive on stress. In fact, some people even create stress in their lives (knowingly or unknowingly) to get the adrenaline rush that accompanies it, and this stress can take a toll. Does this sound like you? Take the Adrenaline Junkie Quiz and find out!

Quiz: Do You Have a "Type A" Personality? Take This Self Test To Find Out!
Do you have a Type A Personality? Take the Type A Personality Quiz from About's Stress Management Site and see if type a personality characteristics may be causing more stress in your life. Also, find more information about type a personality and resources for dealing with type a personality characteristics in yourself and others.

Take The Anxiety Test
Most of us experience anxiety and worry about things at times, but at what point does it become excessive? This quick 10-question anxiety test can help you assess your level of anxiety and tendency to worry, so you can see if you're experiencing excessive levels of stress and anxiety.

How Happy Are You? The Happiness Assessment Test
Are you as happy as you could be? This test can assess your level of happiness, tell you how conducive to happiness your life is, and provide resources for specific changes to help you be more happy in your life. It's a quick and powerful tool for a better life.

Quiz: What Controls Your Life? Test Your Locus of Control
Regardless of whether you know what a locus of control is, it has a pretty major impact on your stress levels and the outcome of your life. Your locus of control impacts whether you believe in destiny or self control, whether you feel in empowered in your own life. This quiz can assess your locus of control and provide resources for a more empowered life.

Is Your Social Life An Asset or a Liability? Take The Social Assessment Test!
Social support can be a great buffer from stress! Unfortunately, relationships that are conflicted or ambivalent can actually cause more harm than good, and volatile friendships can actually be worse for you than your relationships with your enemies! Does your social life help or hurt you? This test can help you find out, and provide resources for positive change.

Is Your Level of Stress Unhealthy? The Stress and Health Self Test
Stress can affect your health in significant ways. While this test is not meant to replace an assessment from your doctor, it can give you an idea of whether your level of stress may be impacting your health, and to what degree. More importantly, you'll find information explaining how stress affects health, and important resources for creating a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Take The Healthy Lifestyle Quiz: Is Your Lifestyle Soothing or Stressing You?
How much stress are you experiencing in your daily life? And could you make some changes in your life to reduce the amount of stress you experience? Take the healthy lifestyle quiz, examine ten important areas of your life, and see if you're getting enough sleep, stressing too much at work, getting adequate exercise, and more. There are...

Quiz: Are You Overscheduled? Take This Quiz To See If You Need More Balance
Sometimes we tend to add so many activities to our schedules that our lives become imbalanced, overly stressful, and unhealthy. How can you tell if important areas of your life are suffering because you’ve taken on too much? This quiz can help you assess your lifestyle, see what might need changing, and find resources for change.

Take The Assertiveness Self Test
An assertive style of relating to others can help build strong relationships and help you get what you want in life without causing unnecessary conflict with others. Do you relate to others assertively, or do you cause unnecessary additional conflict and stress in your life with aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive styles of relating to others? Take the Assertiveness Quiz to find out!

Stress and Health Quiz: How Does Stress Affect Your Health?
You may have already learned from this site or other sources that stress can affect your health in a negative way, but do you know exactly how? This quiz is designed to test your knowledge, pique your interest, and inform you on the connection between stress and your body. Topics include cortisol, sleep deprivation, and other factors.

Quiz: Are You A Perfectionist?
Do you sometimes wonder if your desire for excellence crosses the line into perfectionism? This fifteen-question quiz can help you to better understand yourself, see the distinction between perfectionism and high achievement, and find out where your tendencies lie.

The Stress Management Optimism Quiz: Are you prone to being optimistic or...
Studies show that optimists enjoy increased health and longevity, less stress, and are able to persist and succeed where others might quit after a failure. Take this self-test and, with 10 questions, discover whether you have a positive or negative explanatory style, and learn how this impacts your life. You'll also find resources to help you...

Stress and Self Sabotage:Are You Creating Additional Mental Stress For Yourself?
Are you the victim of self sabotage? Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by reacting to stress in ways that cause even more stress! Could you be causing yourself unnecessary mental stress by reacting negatively and aggressively in situations where a level-headed approach would quickly take care of the problem? The following are some of the most common ways that people unknowingly create mental and emotional stress in their own lives.

Fun Stress Polls: A Fun Way to Check Public Opinion
What stresses you the most? How cluttered is your home? (And everyone else's?) Relieve stress by taking a few minutes to ask yourself some fun questions, and compare answers with thousands of others. Here's a list of fun stress polls from Elizabeth Scott at About's Stress Management Site.

Enneagram Personality Test
Here’s a nice, free 40-question test to help you determine which of nine personality types you most resonate with. There are links to information about the types, including various ways each type handles stress, strengths and challenges of each type. It’s a nice tool for self-exploration, and can help you better understand how to nurture yourself and know what your stress triggers may be.

Jung Typology (Myers-Briggs) Test
Here’s a popular type of personality test, based on Jungian psychology. It measures where you stand on a few basic personality variables, putting you in one of sixteen personality categories. This is helpful in helping you understand what is innately comfortable to you and what is stress-provoking to you. It also helps a lot with understanding and accepting others.

Do I Need Therapy? Take This Test!
This test, from Psychology Today, asks you questions from various areas of your life to help you determine if you have healthy habits and behaviors or if you could benefit from professional intervention.

Stress Vulnerability Self-Test
You probably know that your daily habits can create or alleviate stress, and this stress adds up over time. Find out if your day-to-day routine is making you more or less vulnerable to stress and susceptible to stress-related illness, and assess what areas may need change, with this 20-question test from the University of Missesota.

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