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Stress Management Research

What does the latest research say about stress? This page has some recent discoveries on stress, and some of the ways it can affect you. Stay informed about stress and its effects, and you’ll be better equipped to manage and avoid excessive stress in your life!

Stress and Health Research
We all may intuitively know that stress can take a toll on one's health, but stress and health research provides us with a clearer picture of how stress and health are linked, and what specific choices we can make to better manage stress and create greater health. Let this stress and health research be your guide, and find further resources for...

Resiliency Research: What We Know
Resiliency is something that can help us get through life's stresses and crises much more easily. Learn more about the research behind resiliency, and how to develop greater personal resiliency as a means to stress management and life satisfaction.

Workplace Humor: A Cause and a Cure for Workplace Stress
Workplace humor can reduce stress and contribute to a more fun and enjoyable work environment. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of alienation and even litigation! Learn more about the offensive office humor people experience, and find tips on how to be funny at the office without causing offense with inappropriate office humor.

Relationship Research for Stress Relief
Relationship research shows the important impact that our relationships have on our health, wellbeing, and stress levels. Read the latest relationship research and see what you can do to create stronger relationships and a healthier life.

Happiness Research
Happiness research tells us a lot about how to live to maximize our level of contentment and joy in life. The following happiness research results can be quite informative in helping you reduce stress, gain greater happiness, and live the life you were meant to live!

Meditation Research and Benefits
Meditation research shows that many benefits come from the practice of various types of meditation. Read about specific meditation research studies that provide parts of the larger picture of what meditation can do for you in terms of health, wellness, and stress management.

Stress Management: A Natural Way To Avoid Colds and the Flu, and Stay Healthy
You may be getting flu shots, taking vitamins and washing your hands, but practicing stress management techniques is an important and all-natural way to stay healthy during cold and flu season and avoid more serious health problems year round. Learn more about how stress can affect your health, the link between stress and sickness, and what you...

Parents and Depression: Who's At Risk And Why?
Recent research has shown that parents are more likely than non-parents to suffer from symptoms of depression. Also, learn who's more and less likely to experience depression: non-custodial parents, parents of minors, parents of small children, mothers, fathers, married parents, single parents, parents of adult children, and others. Learn more...

Stress, Humor and Health: How Laughter Can Reduce Stress and Increase Health
Research shows that laughter has some amazing health benefits. Laughing can relieve stress, increase pain tolerance and support the immune system, as well as serve several other healthy purposes. Learn more about the positive effects of laughter and how to use humor to relieve tension, manage stress and improve overall health and well-being.

Fun Stress Polls: A Fun Way to Check Public Opinion
What stresses you the most? How cluttered is your home? (And everyone else's?) Relieve stress by taking a few minutes to ask yourself some fun questions, and compare answers with thousands of others. Here's a list of fun stress polls from Elizabeth Scott at About's Stress Management Site.

Caffeine, Stress and Your Health: Is Caffeine Your Friend or Your Foe?
Caffeine is a drug, popularly consumed in coffee, tea, soft drinks and, in smaller doses, chocolate. While we seem to have a love affair with these products, theres been quite a bit of confusion and even controversy surrounding caffeine lately. Is it good or bad for us? Heres a brief tutorial on caffeine, and some surprising answers to these questions.

Stress Management and Pets: How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress
You may have heard that pets can reduce stress, and that cats reduce stress as well as dogs do. Did you know that having a dog or cat can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your body, lower your blood pressure, increase the exercise you get, reduce loneliness and depression, and offer other health benefits? Learn more about...

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