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Relationship Stress: Marriage, Relationship Skills & Social Support

Here’s what you need to develop and maintain supportive, nurturing and stress-relieving relationships.
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Twitter for Stress Relief
How can Twitter help with stress relief? Learn more about Twitter and stress relief, and how to use this tool to your advantage.

Using Anger Management for Stress Relief
Uncontrolled anger causes many problems in regards to relationships, individual health and happiness. These anger management tips can help you prevent unnecessary anger, and manage your anger in a healthy way.

The New Importance of Relieving Stress
Relieving stress is important for our physical and emotional wellbeing--that's well-established. However, new research shows that our ability for relieving stress in ourselves may have a significant impact on our loved ones. Learn more about the 'how's and 'why's of relieving stress.

The Benefits of Forgiveness
Betrayal, aggression, and just plain insensitivity: there are a million ways that people can hurt us, and forgiveness isnt always easy. Learn why forgiveness is important for your own wellbeing, and find forgiveness resources to get you started.

How To Forgive
Forgiveness brings many benefits to those who do the forgiving. While everyone may have a unique perspective on how to forgive, the following strategies have been proven effective for a variety of people.

Conflict in Relationships - The Toll of Relationship Conflict
Conflict in relationships is inevitable. However, poorly handled conflict can have a heavy negative impact on your relationships and other areas of your life. Learn more about the negative toll of conflict, and find resources for healthy conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Healthy Relationships
Conflict resolution skills are vital to the health and longevity of a relationship. These research-backed conflict resolution tips can help spare you the stress of unresolved conflict in your relationships, and enable you to create more lasting harmony! Try these simple and effective conflict resolution techniques!

Why and How to Be A Good Neighbor
do you know your neighbors? Knowing your neighbors and being a good neighbor brings several benefits, and is worth the effort. Learn more about how and why being a good neighbor can bring stress relief and peace of mind, and find ways to bring increased neighborhood solidarity and a sense of pride in where you live.

Handle Unwanted Advice With Minimal Stress
Unsolicited advice can be helpful, but often it's just annoying, and repeated offers of unwanted advice can be stressful. Unfortunately, some ways of handling it can cause even more stress! Here are some easy steps to dealing with unsolicited advice that can help you maintain your boundaries without offending the advice-giver.

Unsolocited Advice and Stress: Different Types of Unsolicited Advice
We're all prone to getting unsolicited advice from friends, family, or strangers at times. People give advice for many reasons, some of which are well-intentioned, others less so. It can be confusing knowing what to do with all the types of unsolicited advice that we encounter, so it helps to examine where the words might be coming from. Here are some common reasons people are compelled to give unsolicited advice.

Relationships and Stress Management: How To Improve Your Relationships With...
Social support is a great stress reliever, but relationships can also be a major source of stress. As conflict is virutally inevitable in any relationship, here are ten important tips on managing conflict in a respectful way that yields positive results, rather than damaging your connection and causing additional stress.

Relationships and Stress: The Ten Worst Ways to Handle Conflict
Conventional wisdom (and research) says that good communication can improve relationships, increasing intimacy, trust and support. The converse is also true: poor communication can weaken bonds, creating mistrust and even contempt! Here are some examples of negative and even destructive attitudes and communication patterns that can really mess...

Relationship Skills for Stress Management: How To Be A Good Listener
Social support from friendships can have profound stress management and health benefits. Learn how to strengthen your relationships by practicing good listening skills that will enable you to support friends and loved ones who are facing stress and crisis. Being a good listener yourself will most likely bring you a supportive ear when you need...

Stress Management and Social Support: How to Create Truly Supportive...
All social support is not created equal. Here is what you need to know to create mutually supportive, enduring, truly healthy friendships that will bring you support, opportunity for personal growth, and stress management benefits. Find out why it's important to develop listening skills, your intuition, assertiveness, and other skills that can...

The Benefits of Assertiveness
Assertiveness is a skill that not only helps with marriage and interpersonal relationships, but can reduce stress and help you attain more balance at home, at work and in life. Learn more about assertiveness, aggressiveness and passivity, and see how assertiveness training can improve your life.

Sex and Stress Management: The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Sex, and How to...
Sex can have great stress management benefits! Unfortunately, people who are experiencing a lot of stress can feel a decrease in libido. Learn more about the tension-relieving benefits of sex, and find techniques to manage stress and improve your sex life at the same time!

Stress Management and Pets: How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress
You may have heard that pets can reduce stress, and that cats reduce stress as well as dogs do. Did you know that having a dog or cat can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your body, lower your blood pressure, increase the exercise you get, reduce loneliness and depression, and offer other health benefits? Learn more about...

The Four Agreements--Good Advice, But Somewhat Extreme
The Four Agreements is a great book for stress management and personal growth. However, some of the suggestions can actually hinder self-awareness if taken too literally. Read a review of the book's strengths and weaknesses, and hear how you can use it as a resource to reduce the amount of stress and 'drama' you create in your life, and aid in personal growth.

Is Your Social Life An Asset or a Liability? Take The Social Assessment Test!
Social support can be a great buffer from stress! Unfortunately, relationships that are conflicted or ambivalent can actually cause more harm than good, and volatile friendships can actually be worse for you than your relationships with your enemies! Does your social life help or hurt you? This test can help you find out, and provide resources for positive change.

Happy Marriage - How To Have A Happy Marriage

Six Reasons Couples Fight About Money
It’s true that one of the main issues couples fight about is money! Here are six reasons for this, with some important suggestions on how to deal with your partner on money issues in a less conflict-inducing way.

Become Adept at Dealing With Difficult People
Dealing with difficult people is never easy. But while it may be better for your stress level and even improve your health to eliminate strained relationships from your life, it's not always a simple undertaking when the difficult people are relatives, co-workers, or people you otherwise must have in your life. What to do? These tips on...

How To Use Assertive Communication For Stress Management
Here's a helpful guide on how to develop assertive communication skills to reduce stress in your life and improve your relationships.

Stress and Relationships: When To Disengage From Conflict
How you relate to people can sometimes create more stress than you realize. Here is how to reexamine your relating style and make changes if necessary; your stress levels may be dramatically lowered as a result!

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