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Stress Relief Gifts for Mom

Gift Ideas Moms Love


Updated November 27, 2009

For all the loving work that mothers do, they definitely deserve to be recognized and appreciated! While most moms love the traditional gift of flowers, why not give her something that not only shows your love, but helps her relieve stress as well? The following stress-relieving gifts for mom are sure to make her feel special—and relaxed!

1. Foot Massager

Most moms these days are busy, busy, busy! Even after the kids leave the nest, women find themselves constantly on the go with the demands of a busy life. Having a personal masseuse would be a wonderful solution, but owning a foot massager is the next best thing! Pamper Mom’s feet with a foot soaker/massager, and she’ll enjoy it again and again.

2. Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Many people, moms in particular, feel more relaxed when surrounded by a wonderful, soothing scent. Why not give her everything she needs to turn her bathtub into a haven from stress? This thoughtful gift idea that can provide her with soothing surroundings, just like she did for you!

3. Flowers

Perhaps giving mom flowers is a cliche, but it's become a cliche for a reason: most mothers love flowers! Send mom a bouquet of roses and other beautiful flowers and she will have some extra beauty in her life, and will think of you often. Flowers are a low-stress gift to give, and a beautiful pick-me-up to receive, and they can brighten mom's entire week!

4. Green Tea Sampler

Because of the health benefits and lower levels of caffeine, sipping green tea is a wonderful way to slow down and relieve stress. Sending Mom a gift sampler of teas is an excellent way to offer her a break, even when you can't be there to share it.

5. SpaFinder Gift Certificate

If you’re looking for a way to really treat her right, a SpaFinder gift certificate is a perfect gift for Mom. She can choose what type of treatments she’d like, and where she’d like to go, and you’ll be thinking of you as she enjoys her well-deserved pampering session.

6. Slow Cooker

OK, I admit that at first glance, a gift for the kitchen may seem a little self-serving. However, I’m a huge fan of slow cookers because they take so much of the work out of creating a nice meal; you add a few ingredients in the morning, and you come home to a home filled with the delightful smell of the meal that’s already waiting for you! It’s a nice way to take some of the work out of a mom’s life, and help her have a nice meal, too. (Hint: if she’s already a fan of slow cookers, try giving her a recipe book!)

7. Apple iPhone

Perhaps the ultimate gift for mom is an iPhone—it has excellent features for moms! The camera provides excellent pictures, as well as the capability of sharing them (via email) as you take them—and it stores thousands of them! The music capabilities allow you to have the music you love wherever you go, and the ability to purchase more wherever you are (via the iTunes Store). The maps alow you to always know where you are and where you’re going. There’s internet access, an address book, a timer, and many other functions. And the phone itself allows you to keep in touch, of course. If you have the means, and your mom doesn’t already have one, this is an amazing gift choice. (You may even end up getting yourself one!)

8. The Ultimate Pampering Gift Basket

If your mom needs a break from stress--or if you just want to pamper her because she took such good care of you--this home spa gift basket is a fabulous gift idea for mom. It includes rich bath products as well as chocolate-covered raisins, biscuits and a bottle of wine. Just let mom try to stay stressed!

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