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Tools and Tips for Living A Low-Stress, Healthy Lifestyle

These healthy habits will take you down the road of low-stress living. They may take a little practice to develop, but will be well worth it in the long run in terms of health, relationships and life satisfaction.
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The Low-Stress Healthy Lifestyle Quiz
Take the Healthy Lifestyle Quiz, examine ten important areas of your life, and see if you're getting enough sleep, stressing too much at work, getting adequate exercise, and more. You'll find tips for every area of your life that are tailored to your situation so you can live a more healthy lifestyle today!

Practice 5-Minute Meditation
Meditation carries wonderful stress relief and health benefits, but some people who want to try meditation are scared off by the time commitment that regular meditation requires. Surprisingly, even 5 minutes of meditation carries some benefits, so learning quick meditation strategies is well worth it! Learn 5-minute meditation tips now.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Stress Relief
Healthy lifestyle habits can be an excellent way to relieve stress. Not only do those living a balanced, healthy lifestyle tend to experience less stress, but the healthy habits that they maintain often lead to lowered reactivity toward stress and a less-intense stress response! Try these healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to greater...

Stress Relief - 5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies
Stress relief can come in many shapes and forms. The following stress relief strategies can be used to bring relief from stress in 5 minutes or less, reducing your stress response and helping you to more effectively manage the stressful situations you face.

Ongoing Tools for Stress Reduction
Effective stress reduction requires some ongoing effort. Simple stress reduction steps, over time, add up to great rewards. The following stress reduction options are easy, convenient, supportive and FREE! Try them now.

Exercise To Reduce Stress
Physical exercise is a wonderfully effective route to stress reduction--it can bring both short-term stress relief and long-term resilience to stress. However, maintaining a regular exercise regime can be challenging. These tips can help you to make exercise a part of your life, even (especially!) if you are busy or overwhelmed.

How To Simplify Your Life
If youre looking for ideas on how to simplify life, youre not aloneits a commonly searched topic! Here are some of the main ways you can cut down on the stress of a life thats packed to the hilt while still maintaining the activities that are important to you.

The Cost of Clutter
Clutter: most of us have it in our homes and offices, and most of us would prefer to have it gone. But how is it affecting us? This article explores the different ways that clutter subtly but persistently robs us of time, energy and serenity, explores the question of how much clutter is acceptable, and gives solutions for reducing clutter and...

Tips for Busy People
It seems in recent years being busy has become the rule rather than the exception. If you feel busy and stressed, and don't have a lot of time to work stress relief into your busy schedule, you may end up feeling tired and lethargic or overwhelmed and plagued by chronic stress. Clearly, stress relief is important even for busy people. The...

Feeling Exhausted? Easy Stress Management
Meditation is a powerful stress management tool that can benefit virtually everyone. But for those who are too exhausted to try something new or for whom meditation feels like "work," there are simpler techniques that can get you to a relaxed-enough place. These baby-step stress relievers can help you feel relaxed enough for meditation, or simply "relaxed enough."

More Effective Stress Management
You may hear people talking about how affirmations, yoga, meditation, or other stress management strategies work well for them. But do they work for you? If the answer is "not really," don't give up yet! These simple tweaks can make already-effective stress management techniques work more effectively for people who are on the fence. Give them a try and see the difference.

Secrets To Finding Personal Control Over Stress
Stress relief involves more than just changing lifestyle factors. Differences in people's reactions to stress and stressful events can translate into differences in feelings of personal happiness and life satisfaction, and even improved health for those who feel less stressed by the events of their lives. What causes one person to experience a sense of stress and frustration when another person may feel calm or energized? Find stress relief in the answers to these questions

Waking Up Stressed? How to Cure a Stress Hangover
Have you ever woken up in the morning and immediately felt the weight of the stress left over from the day before? Here are some simple and effective strategies for shrugging off first-thing-in-the-morning stress and making each day the best it can be.

Quiz: Are You A Perfectionist?
Do you sometimes wonder if your desire for excellence crosses the line into perfectionism? This fifteen-question quiz can help you to better understand yourself, see the distinction between perfectionism and high achievement, and find out where your tendencies lie.

Finding Time For Yourself: How and Why You Should Find Time For Yourself
Many of us spend so much time doing what we feel we must do, that we don’t have enough time for what we would love to do. The feeling of not having enough freedom to pursue quality time with our families, revitalizing solitary activities, or other things that would nurture us can leave us feeling stressed and unhappy. This article can help you find time for yourself so you can enjoy life more.

Top Five Lifestyle Changes for Optimum Stress Management
You can experience a happier, more peaceful, and less stressful life! Learn about the five most effective lifestyle features that reduce stress in your life, and help you better manage existing tension and stress.

Free E-Course: Life a Low-Stress Lifestyle!
This free, ten-week e-course includes weekly lessons on the link between stress and health, plus information on stress management techniques, social support, exercise, optimism, and other facets of low-stress living that have also been recommended by the Mayo Clinic. Start any time, learn at your own pace, and begin to live a low-stress lifestyle!

Self Care Strategies for Overall Stress Reduction
You cant always control the circumstances that life throws your way, but you can control how well you take care of yourself. Taking proper care of your body, soul and mind can keep you in optimum shape for handling stress. The following are some important basic self care strategies that can keep you functioning well and ready for lifes...

Stress Relief Game Plan: Reduce Lifestyle Stress
Stress relief techniques can quickly help you reduce the tension you feel from your stressful days. However, another important piece of an effective stress management game plan is to eliminate some of the stress in your lifestyle so that you experience less stress that you need relief from The following resources can help you simplify your life and develop strategies from preventing excessive stress before it even becomes a problem!

Healthy Habits for Low Stress Living
A very important step in a stress management game plan is to maintain healthy habits that will keep your stress levels low and enable you to handle stress that does come into your life, so that stress management is a part of your lifestyle and not just an activity to help you handle excessively high stress levels when they become just too much. The following are healthy habits that can enhance your lifestyle.

How To Choose A Stress Management Habit You Can Stick With
Sometimes maintaining a new healthy habit is harder than it seems. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can make it easier to maintain a new healthy habit. The easiest way to stick with a new habit is to choose wisely. If you want to make it easy to stay with a healthy habit, it must be something you enjoy, and something that fits well with who you are. Here are some things to consider.

Stress Relievers for Busy People
Many people experience excessive stress in their lives. Many of these people also find themselves too busy for stress management programs--or so they think. Here are some stress relievers for busy people who have difficulty building new habits into an already packed routine. They take very little time or effort, and yield measurable results...

Music and Stress Relief: How To Use Music In Your Daily Life
Music brings great health and stress relief benefits. It's a great stress relief tool because you can use music in your daily life and achieve many stress relief benefits on your own. One of the great benefits of music as a stress reliever is that it can be used while you conduct your regular activities so that it really doesn’t take time away from your busy schedule. This article provides several ways you can use music to enhance your regular activities and relieve stress.

Too Busy for a Vacation? Try These Stress Relievers for Busy People
Too busy to take a vacation? Try some regular stress relief activities and you'll still get some of the benefits of a vacation: relaxation, increased productivity, better health and more. Check out these creative stress relievers for busy people who don't have time for vacations, from About's Stress Manageent site.

Mini-Vacations and Relaxation Activities
Vacations carry important benefits for stress management, productivity and health. Unfortunately, many people don’t take vacations because of time or money constraints. Luckily, there are ways you can enjoy many of the benefits a vacation would bring, but without spending as much time or money as you would on a ‘formal vacation.’ So, for those with limited time and budgets, I have these creative mini-vacation strategies:

Benefits and Different Types of Meditation
The benefits of meditation are well-documented and numerous. And fortunately, there are many different types of meditation, so there's something for everyone. This article discusses the basics of various meditation techniques and discusses the benefits that these types of meditation can carry for stress relief and personal growth.

Low-Stress Lifestyle: 6 Great Ways to Start Your Day
How you spend your morning can put a flavor on the rest of your day. From yoga to yogurt, these healthy habits can reduce stress, improve health, and give you a great start!

Have A Truly Relaxing Staycation
A staycation, a vacation you do at home, can be a wonderful alternative to a long, expensive, painstakingly planned tripthe time and money you can save are significant. However, if you dont take certain precautions, your staycation can be little more than a stressful extension of everything you need a break from! The following staycation strategies can assure that your staycation is truly a relaxing romp rather than a wasted week.

Overcoming Perfectionism: How To Develop a Healthier Outlook
Perfectionism can rob you of your peace of mind, enjoyment of life, and self esteem. Though it’s a process that may take a little time, overcoming perfectionism can greatly decrease the level of stress you feel on a daily basis. Here are some important steps you can take to maintain a healthier attitude by overcoming perfectionism.

Great Ways to End Your Day
Sleep is vital for productivity, health, stress management and overall wellbeing. However, those of us who need better sleep the most--the busy and the stressed--tend to get less of it than they need! Here are some healthy habits to get into, to promote better sleep and keep you healthy and happy.

Recommendations on How to Live a Low-Stress Lifestyle: Stop Stress Before It...
Many people seek help with stress when it becomes overwhelming, but we don't always make changes until we're burned out or sick. Daily stresses can add up to chronic stress, which can lead to anxiety, depression and health problems. Learn how positive thinking, relaxation techniques, a healthy diet, a supportive network of friends and more can...

Self Care: The Importance of Self Care for Stress Management
With our busy lives, we sometimes forget to prioritize self care. However, taking care of yourself and pampering yourself on a regular basis is an important for stress management, your physical health and your emotional wellbeing. Learn more about why self care is important, and find some easy self care strategies.

Stress Management and Pets: How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress
You may have heard that pets can reduce stress, and that cats reduce stress as well as dogs do. Did you know that having a dog or cat can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel in your body, lower your blood pressure, increase the exercise you get, reduce loneliness and depression, and offer other health benefits? Learn more about...

Cortisol and Stress: How to Stay Healthy
Cortisol is known as 'the stress hormone' because stress activates cortisol secretion. While it is important in proper body functioning, too much cortisol in your bloodstream can lead to serious health consequences. Learn more about cortisol, the effects of cortisol, and how to stay healthy in the face of stress.

Staying Fit When Stressed: Tools and Tips For Staying Fit When Stressed
When we're stressed, factors like cortisol, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise can contribute to weight gain. Staying fit when stressed is easier than it seems, though. You can combat weight gain with some simple suggestions provided here. With a few adjustments, staying fit when stressed can be a piece of cake--er, I mean a healthy salad!

Spring Stress Relief
There are many ways to relieve stress, and some of them lend themselves more easily to certain times of year. Spring brings some especially effective opportunities for stress relief. The following are 8 especially fun and effective spring stress relief strategies.

The Positive Psychology Approach to Stress Relief
The positive psychology approach to a better life involves three main ingredients--three main paths to happiness and fulfillment. Learn more about the positive psychology approach to happiness and stress relief.

How To Maintain A High Quality Of Life
Many people equate quality of life with money or material possessions, but inherently know that there are other factors that affect life quality far more. Here are several cheap and free ways you can create a happier, more meaningful, high quality life.

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