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How To Manage Stress

Stress Management Is An Important Aspect Of Wellness


Updated November 01, 2012

How To Manage Stress

These strategies can give you a fresh start with stress management.

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Have you ever wished you could eliminate all of the stress from your life? Many people have shared this daydream, particularly when they are feeing most overwhelmed. The idea of a tropical island with no responsibilities can sound pretty attractive when stress levels are high.

The complete elimination of stress, obviously, is not a realistic goal. Intellectually, we know this. However, many people do not realize that we wouldn't want to completely banish stress from our lives even if it were possible. A certain level of stress is, in fact, healthy to have. Certain types of stressors, such as those that bring eustress, are beneficial to have. Stressors that bring just the right amount of challenge can help us to feel energized and excited about life. They can help us to grow and be our best. It's when we have more stress than we can handle at once, or when our stress is too prolonged, that we run into the more negative consequences of stress. This is why we focus on stress management rather than living stress-free. The right balance of "good stress," paired with an effective set of resources to manage the more difficult types of stress, are a defining aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Stress management, therefore, is an important pursuit. Fortunately, there are several effective routes to stress management. Various sources of stress require different stress management solutions. The following are some of the main ways in which stress can be effectively managed, and can help you to maintain healthy levels of stress, making adjustments as needed. Use them to shape a balanced lifestyle, and face whatever comes.

Quick Stress Relievers

Having a few quick stress relievers can help you to calm yourself quickly when necessary. Breathing exercises, for example, are a great quick stress reliever. You may not use these to manage every type of stress, but they can help you to move from a place of being stressed and overwhelmed to a place of calm within minutes. This can help you to react more reasonably, think more clearly, and take the right next steps. This can also minimize the negative impact of stress, and can help you to enjoy life more as you spend less of your time in a state of stress.
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Solution-Focused Coping

One of the best ways to manage stress is to proactively tackle it at its source. Doing what you can to cut out stressors (even the small stressors that add up) can help you to free up your energy to manage the stress that comes from truly unavoidable situations. Solution-focused coping techniques can take on many forms, depending on what you are facing that is causing the stress. Learning communication techniques can help with relationship stress or political issues at work. Time management techniques can help with the stress of an overflowing schedule. The link below will take you to more resources to help you with a variety of solution-focused techniques for many situations.
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Emotion-Focused Coping

We can't always change the situations that cause us stress. Sometimes, we can make changes, but the effort and red tape required to bring about change can actually cause more stress than it's worth. For example, cutting off a relationship with an annoying family member can often bring a chain reaction of consequences that are more challenging to deal with than merely learning to accept their idiosyncrasies, or at least ignore them. Learning to change the way you think about and react to these stressors can be the best way to manage the stress involved with these difficult-to-change situations. There are several ways in which you can shift your perspective and change the way you experience the world as a result. This is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, and can apply to almost any situation.
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Healthy Long-Term Habits

Certain habits can be particularly helpful for relieving stress we feel inside. In addition to helping us feel better in the moment, they can also build long-term resilience toward stress. Adopting at least one of these healthy habits and practicing regularly can change the way you react to stress now and in the future, and can make it much easier to handle the stress you face in life.
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