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7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life, by Donna Smallin

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Updated September 15, 2006

The Bottom Line

This book is a fun and easy read, but it offers valuable suggestions for tackling clutter in your life, and more importantly, dealing with the underlying issues that are creating the clutter. You'll find yourself reassessing your life in deep and important ways, if you choose, but will also be supplied with plenty of practical and simple information on reducing clutter, and the stress it causes, in many areas of your life.
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  • It offers tips on tackling the underlying causes of clutter as well as clutter itself.
  • It addresses many areas of life that create stress and clutter--both mental and physical.
  • It offers the best advice from many different schools of thought.
  • It offers advice on not only clearing clutter, but on living a more authentic life.
  • The suggestions are do-able, and offered in a simple, easy-to-read format.


  • It doesn't delve as deeply into each topic as other books.
  • It doesn't offer any specific advice that can't be found elsewhere, but compiles advice well.


  • The book is divided into 'bite sized pieces' of information, to fit your schedule.
  • It covers many important topics that can lead to de-cluttering, de-stressing, and growth.
  • Whatever your reading schedule or life goals, this book can likely fit with them in some way.

Guide Review - 7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life, by Donna Smallin

I have to admit that I picked up Donna Smallin's book 7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life becuase the cover looked cute and the format was simple; it's the type of book that can be read in small increments: while waiting in line, before bed, or whenever I find a few free minutes.

While the book provides what I had expected, I was also pleased with the amount of information on various subjects (the book covers putting yourself first, living authentically, following your passion, living mindfully, gaining financial freedom, simplifying daily living, and decluttering your life and schedule), and the approach to decluttering that this book takes. While the information isn't as deep or detailed on most topics as what you would find in books specifically geared toward said topics, the book includes the important 'nuggets' of information on many areas related to stress, personal growth, and various ways we create clutter in our lives, including many of the ones I feature on this site. It helps readers unearth what's important in our lives as well as our desks.

So I've included this book as one of the more useful reads you can pick up if you're stressed and you don't know where to begin to carve out the uncluttered life you'd like to be living, or if you'd like to be handling money better, enjoying stronger relationships, living in a healthier body, or surrounded by less clutter in your home.

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