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Books for Stress Management: Reviews and Recommendations

Here are some excellent suggestions for your next good book, and warnings against books you may want to avoid.

Top Stress Management Books
This collection of research-based stress management books can help you to tackle stress from many different angles and create a plan that works best for you!

Review of Your Playlist Can Change Your Life
Your Playlist Can Change Your Life is an engaging and informative read that can help you to quickly and easily manage your stress. With practice, this book can enable you to build your resilience toward stress. Even those who find themselves 'too busy to read' would do well with this important book.

Day Books and Workbooks For Stress Relief
Day books and workbooks can be wonderfully effective and affordable tools for stress relief and personal growth.

Positivity: A BookThat Can Change Your Life
This book, written by groundbreaking positive psychology researcher Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, explains the importance of positivity for our overall wellbeing, and shares proven techniques that can help you to maintain enough positivity to transform your life. Read about the specific benefits of this book, as well as its few drawbacks, and find related resources you can use right away.

You: The Owner's Manual - An Informative Book For Wellness
You: The Owner's Manual is a must-have book for wellness for several reasons. Read why it can be more helpful than the average wellness book when it comes to longevity, stress relief, and overall wellness.

Brain Rules: Learning How The Brain Works Can Help You De-Stress
Brain rules is a well-researched and extremely engaging book on how the brain works, and it can help with stress management, too. Learn more about Brain Rules, what it can do for you, and how it can help you relieve stress in your life and in the lives of your family and friends.

Review of 'Even Happier' by Tal Ben-Shahar
The book Even Happier, by Tal Ben-Shahar, can be an effective resource for increasing your levels of gratitude and fulfillment, and reducing stress levels long-term. Read about the benefits of this book and how to use it for increased stress relief.

The Secret - Book Review of The Secret From a Stress Management Perspective
Have you heard about The Secret? Are you wondering what all the hype is about, and whether or not it can help you relieve stress? This review covers the pros, the cons, and the main premise of the book, and offers additional stress relief resources you can use right now.

Review of The First 30 Days - Your Guide To Any Change
Change can be challenging, stressful, or downright overwhelming! Or it can be a positive experience. Read about a book that helps you to become a 'change optimist', and overcome any change life throws your way.

Reveiw of Henriette Anne Klauser's 'Write It Down, Make It Happen'
If you’re looking for an effective resource to help you develop a lifestyle that better fits what you would describe as your ‘ideal life’, I would recommend you pick this one up. With many goal setting suggestions, there's something for everyone. At the very least, it offers an interesting read; used to the fullest, its many practical...

7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life, by Donna Smallin
Clutter--whether the physical clutter of a messy desk, or the mental clutter of an unbalanced life--causes stress. That's why this book is such a great stress management find. Read about the pros and cons of this book and how it can help you de-stress and de-clutter on many levels.

Review of David Sedaris' Naked: A Good Stress Reliever!
This collection of essays is a New York Times Bestseller, and has so much to offer. Find out why it's a recommended read for stress management purposes, supplying humor, distraction and perspective for the stressed and frazzled. Also hear the pros and cons of the book, so you can decide if it's for you.

Memoirs of a Geisha--A Good Book For Stress Management
Memoirs of a Geisha is a beautifully written, immensely engaging novel. Not only is it entertaining, but it's a particularly good choice if you're feeling stressed and want a good book to relax you. Read why it's such a good read, from a stress management perspective, and see if it might be your next read.

A Quick Review of Organizing Plain & Simple, by Donna Smallin
Maintaining an organized living space and simply structured lifestyle are important keys to managing stress in your life and preventing it from getting overwhelming. Here's a review of a helpful and thorough book on organizing. See if it could help you with taking the next step in living a low-stress lifestlye.

The Four Agreements--A Good Book For Stress Management
The Four Agreements provides a new perspective of why we have difficulties in our lives, an understanding of how we may contribute to our own stress, and four new rules to live by that promise to reduce stress and 'drama' in our lives. Read about the pros and cons of this book, and how it can help you reduce the level of stress you experience.

The Four Agreements--Good Advice, But Somewhat Extreme
The Four Agreements is a great book for stress management and personal growth. However, some of the suggestions can actually hinder self-awareness if taken too literally. Read a review of the book's strengths and weaknesses, and hear how you can use it as a resource to reduce the amount of stress and 'drama' you create in your life, and aid in personal growth.

Review of The Instinct To Heal
There are new treatments for stress and anxiety that work without drugs and without talk therapy! This exciting book discusses what they are and why they work.

Wherever You Go, There You Are
If you’re busy, stressed and have trouble finding quiet time to meditate every day, you’re in luck: you can learn to meditate anywhere you are, and get things done while you do it! About’s expert in mental health has a full review of this book on practicing mindful meditation in everyday life.

Cheap Gift Idea - Journals For Stress Relief
It pays to find cheap gift ideas that go a long way -- gifts that will be used regularly, can bring stress relief, enhance enjoyment of life, and aren't necessarily something that your loved ones would buy for themselves. Journals can be great as an individual gift, or included as part of a thoughtful gift basket. They can help start a lifelong...

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