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Holidays and Observances That Help With Stress Management

Stress Awareness Month is April, and it provides an important opportunity to take stock of where stress is coming from and implement stress relief strategies that work. However, there are many opportunities throughout the year to focus on different aspects of stress relief and find new strategies that help, with the momentum of a group of people doing the same with you. Learn about holidays and observances you didn't know existed, and find new ways to eliminate stress from your life.
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National Forgiveness Day: Celebrate And Let Go Of Stress
Forgiveness is important for stress management and emotional health, but it can be quite difficult as well. National Forgiveness Day offers an opportunity to focus on forgiveness, learn strategies that can help, and let go of stress and anger that's been weighing you down.

Celebrate Anti-Boredom Month
The month of July--Anti-Boredom Month--provides a great opportunity to find new ways to enjoy life. You can create positive feelings and reduce stress this way during the rest of the year as well.

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