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Anger, Stress and Your Health

Chronic anger can take a toll on your happiness, relationships, and health. These resources can help you to better understand the role that stress and anger plays in your overall health, and can find strategies to help you to better manage anger.

Do's and 'Don't's of Anger Management
Dealing with anger is something we all do. Well-managed anger can be a catalyst for positive change, while poorly handled anger can cause relationship and health problems, and stress in one's life. Here are some simple and effective strategies for dealing with anger.

Anger Problems - Effects of Poorly Managed Anger
Anger problems can affect your health, your happiness and your life. Learn more about the research behind anger and what type of anger problems people experience as a result of poorly managed anger. You'll also find effective anger management resources.

The Effects of Anger and Stress
Anger and stress can both be damaging to your health. Because anger and stress have several common threads, managing them can be simpler if you understand the connection. Learn more about managing anger and stress.

Toxic Emotions
Learn how harmful emotional states can cause stress that causes baldness, ulcers, high blood pressure and other health problems, and what you can do to release these toxic emotions.

When and How to Stop Complaining
Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam and vent. But at a certain point, complaining can turn into a habit, and ultimately bring more stress than it relieves. Here's how to tell when your complaining is getting into unhealthy territory, and how to stop.

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