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Perfectionism Quiz Results
You're A Perfectionist!

You're A Perfectionist

You probably already know that your perfectionistic tendencies cause you stress and complicate your life in some ways, but you probably don't realize the extent of perfectionism's negative effects on your lifestyle and stress level. The resources below can explain more about perfectionism, and give you resources for changing. I highly recommend you begin the journey now. Don't worry if it takes a little time to change your patterns; any progress made can benefit you from now on!

Thanks for taking our perfectionism quiz.

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You can learn more about perfectionism by reading some of the articles about perfectionism below:

Optimism Resources:

  • The Traits of Perfectionism
    Do you have the traits of a perfectionist? If so, you are probably experiencing a great deal of unnecessary stress. Perfectionists live in a world of self-criticism and impossibly high expectations of themselves (and others), but can actually experience less productivity. Find out why, so you can begin overcoming perfectionism now, if you have any perfectionistic tendencies.

  • Overcoming Perfectionism
    If you or someone close to you is constrained by perfectionistic tendencies, there is help. Here are 10 ways to begin the process of overcoming perfectionism now.

  • Poll: Are You A Perfectionist?
    Now that you know for sure, vote in the poll, and see how other readers classify themselves.
  • Take The "Are You Overscheduled?" Quiz
    Sometimes we tend to add so many activities to our schedules that our lives become imbalanced, overly stressful, and unhealthy. How can you tell if important areas of your life are suffering because you¹ve taken on too much? This quiz can help you assess your lifestyle, see what might need changing, and find resources for change.

  • Take The Healthy Lifestyle Quiz
    How much stress are you experiencing in your daily life? And could you make some changes in your life to reduce the amount of stress you experience? Take the healthy lifestyle quiz, examine ten important areas of your life, and see if you're getting enough sleep, stressing too much at work, getting adequate exercise, and more. There are recommendations for every area of your life so you can live a healthier lifestyle today!

  • Take The Optimism Quiz
    Studies show that optimists enjoy increased health and longevity, less stress, and are able to persist and succeed where others might quit after a failure. Take this self-test and, with 10 questions, discover whether you have a positive or negative explanatory style, and learn how this impacts your life. You'll also find resources to help you become more optimistic!

  • Play The "Inspirational Quote" Daily Cryptogram
    Relieve stress and find inspiration with a new puzzle each day, with links to other fun resources.

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    Find the latest research, polls and most current resources from this site, delivered to you once or twice a week!

  • Get Daily Tips for Stress Relief
    Stress affects your health, your happiness, and your life as a whole. Get free daily tips for stress relief delivered to your inbox, and find a multitude of ways to free yourself from stress and live the life you want to be living!

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