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Stress and Health Self Test Results
Your Stress and Health Self Test Results

Thanks for taking our Stress and Health Self Test.

If your answers on some of the questions weren't what you would like them to be, now's the time to make changes that can reduce your stress levels and benefit your health. The articles below correspond with the questions in the quiz. Learn more about how stress affects your health, and find resources for a healthier lifestyle.

Stress and Health Resources:

  • How Stress Affects Your Health
    Stress affects your health in many ways. Learn more about the process of how stress and resulting stress hormones can compromise your immune system and affect your overall health.

  • Stress-Related Health Problems: What Are They?
    What specific health problems can be caused by stress? Here's a list of major and minor ways your body is affected by the stressful experiences in your life.

  • Job Stress and Metabolic Syndrome
    Recent research has shown that stress encountered in the workplace can be hazardous to your health in several ways. Learn more about this, and find resources for health.

  • Stress and Your Diet
    Is your diet less healthy than it could be? Learn how stress affects eating patterns, and how nutrition affects stress levels, and find tools for maintaining a healthy diet when stressed.

  • Sleep Well When Stressed
    Stress can affect your sleep in several ways. Learn how you can get a better night's sleep when stressed, and find resources to learn more about stress and the importance of sleep.

  • Avoiding Self Sabotage
    Certain ways of thinking can make you more prone to stress. Find out what they are, their effects on your stress levels, and gain tools for change.

  • Additional Self Tests and Quizzes
    Are you 'Type A'? Headed for burnout? Overscheduled and overstressed? Find answers to these and many other questions in the Self Tests Section.

  • Unhealthy Responses to Stress
    Are you reacting to stress in a way that causes additional stress? These bad habits and unhealthy responses to stress are more common than you'd think, and can cause a downward spiral of stress; avoid them!

  • Stress Management Game Plan
    Are you ready to make lasting changes in your lifestyle, but aren't sure where to begin? This resource can help you understand the role of stress in your life, decide on what changes to make, and create lasting, healthy habits.

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