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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Make The New Year Healthy And Happy—Goals To Set

By December 28, 2013

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With the new year rapidly approaching, many people are taking the opportunity to create a fresh start, which I heartily encourage! Now is the time to start thinking about what you would like your life to be like, if you could just change a few things--or even just one! This blog brings a wealth of resources for deciding on changes you may want to make, or small things you can add, to create a 2013 that may just be your best year yet!

How To Stay Holiday-Jolly All Year

There are so many things to enjoy about the holiday season, but there are many stressors as well. Let's take all the great things that make us happy during the holidays, and expand them into the new year for a year of less stress and greater happiness. Here's how!

Resolutions For A Less Stressed New Year

Certain changes can really decrease your stress levels, and several of them are very simple to make. Here are 10 changes you can make that can create a more relaxed, more enjoyable 2013. Which might work best for you?

Blog Carnival: New Year's Resolutions

There are many changes that can be made during the yew year that can make us healthier as well as less stressed. The following is a list of changes you can make that will affect your health, increase your longevity, reduce your stress--or all three!

Readers Respond: What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

Every year, many people set New Year's Resolutions for themselves--plans for changes in one's life that can bring less stress, greater health, and increased happiness. (I recommend that people set goals rather than resolutions, in order to avoid new year perfectionism, burnout, and frustration that sabotage success.) What are your new year's resolutions? What do you really want in life? Share your new year's resolutions and tell why they're important, and see what others are planning for the new year!

Goal-Setting For The New Year:

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December 27, 2012 at 3:53 pm
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thanks to you ABOUT.COM the teachings have helped my mum to take good control over her stress.

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