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Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Stress And Your Sex Life

By April 5, 2012

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One of the more popular topics searched on this site is sex, and rightfully so. There's a strong connection between stress and sexuality that works both ways: stress can hamper your sex drive, and problems in the bedroom can cause stress. Conversely, stress management can boost libido and healthy sexual activity can keep stress at bay. Here are some new and re-vamped articles on stress and sex.

The Links Between Sex and Stress
Here's some research and information on how sex works well as a stress reliever, and some of the benefits of sex for stress management. Definitely worth a read!

How Stress Can Lead to Low Libido
Stress in all areas of your life can lead to low libido, or a lack of desire for sex, which can lead to friction in a relationship and keep you from enjoying the benefits in the article linked above. Learn which types of stress are the worst, and how to avoid letting stress impact your sex drive.

How to Get In The Mood When You're Too Stressed For Sex
Sex can be a great stress reliever, but not when you're too stressed to use it. Here are some strategies for loosening up and getting 'in the mood', even when you're stressed.

Do you find that stress is harming your sex life? Or is sex your greatest stress reliever? Talk about it in the comments or in the Stress Management Forum.

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June 22, 2009 at 3:06 pm
(1) Carolyn C. Martin, M.S., L.P.C, L.M.F.T. says:

As a couples therapist for 20+ years I have been observing a shift in the sexual relationship of couples. Men are being effected by stress almost as much as women. I see many more men disinterested in sex and the stress is coming from 2 main sources–work & the relationship.

The pressure to be a good provider weighs heavily on some men causing them to overwork and under perform in their jobs. Their stress increases causing them their libido to take a nose dive.

Until about the last 10 years, women were much more vulnerable to relationship stress, but I have been seeing a trend indicating that when the relationship is going badly, men find other things to focus on causing them to disconnect with their partner and lose interest in sex with her.

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