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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: What Are The Main Causes of Stress For You?

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Updated April 02, 2009

Stress can be in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. Some things may stress one person and not another, other experiences may be almost universally stressful, but can affect people to varying degrees. One thing is certain, though: we all experience stress! What are the main causes of stress for you? Share your answers, and see what others have to say about their main causes of stress.

Too Stressed

I was fired from my job in December. I did not care for this job BUT I did not want to be fired. I am also ill right now without medical insurance and COBRA is WAY too high and a ripped off, too!! I am with a man who I know I am falling out of love with but with so many other things in trouble, I need him more than ever!! I am under a lot of stress!!!
—Guest Ambers

A Messy House

My housemate is something of a packrat, and I can't get rid of anything without it being an issue - it makes everything harder to do - can't find anything, trip over stuff, things fall out of closets and cabinets. Moving out isn't an option, and trying to clean causes fights.
—Guest pcs

Dealing with moving on

I lost my spouse to cancer going on 2 years now and having a hard time finding employment...I have a wonderful boyfriend who cares, but is at a loss at how to deal with my anxiety, and it's hurting our relationship...
—Guest Dawn

The Stresses That Come w/Being Accepted

I'm a father of one, a daughter, who doesnt live with me, however we have a wonderful relationship. What I find stressing is that I'm involved with a woman who has three girls, that don't accept me. No matter how hard I try. I always thought I was good with children, up until now. I see the good in each and every one of these girls, and stive to encourage them the best I can. They haven't had a male role model or (father) figure in their lives. I can understand they may resent me of the fact I'm not their dad. But I am a father of one already and think I did a good job. I have a hard time, often, trying to connect without loosing my dignity/authority as compitent gaurdian for these children.

Marriage Stress

My SO is a hoarder, a depressive, and is extremely disorderly. He has never helped much with domestic chores and now he is old with a painful back that prevents him from doing what little he once did. He is also addicted to violent, loud TV programs and seldom gives me a say in what we view.


I had to take early retirement for health reasons, expected new hubby to get a job, but he is the definition of lazy. Now his elderly ailing dad is living with us and he is a rotten, demanding man. Have a 13 year old who is overweight and has trouble with school. I can't afford to fix my car for inspection and can't afford the mandatory insurance anyway so no transportation and we don't live close to town. So, I'm trying to live on less than $1000 a month in a cold state, have gone without heat, have gone without electric (thankfully not at the same time), and would like to send hubby packing but he and his dad have nowhere to go. We are threatened with having something shut off every month. Dealing with that plus my fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, and anxiety/depression disorder, yeah, major chronic stress 24/7 with no end in sight.
—Guest Shelly


I've been with this guy for over a year. We are still in school, and I'm trying to graduate with honors the only thing that is holding me back from doing that is 2 AP classes. But anyway back to my ex boyfriend now, he dropped me off one day at my house and asked me if i wanted a break and I said no not really, so I asked, do you? and he said yes. He looked straight ahead and right after I asked he was there to anwser asap. So I started to cry but I didnt want him to see, so I got out of the car and grabbed my stuff and was about to leave and he said 'only for a week just the see how things go.' I didn't answer at first, and then I was just like 'fine we'll do it your way'. Then I threw all of my crap in the yard and just cried. He was still there. Do you think he went to see if I was gonna be okay? Well he didnt, he backed out of my drive way and left. Then right when he got home, he posted on Facebook that he was single. Was I really that bad of a gf that he wanted out that fast?...more later...
—Guest Someone Hurt


What to do with a negative husband--over the road truck driver? He brings me down so fast. When I say something we end up arguing and stress, depression, anger, loneliness sets in everyday.

The Economy

The economy is wiping out my retirement savings and home equity. I worry about it constantly. How do you let go of that? I want to eat at age 75.
—Guest Steve

To Much Stress

Stressors in my life are: I go to college full time, plus have a full time job. I live on my own, and have since I was sixteen. It has been very tough for me. I have family, but none will speak to me. I had friends, but learnt quickly to trust no one. The only friend I have is my boyfriend, but there is so much racism in this world at this day and time, it's like it's pushing us away from one another. Yes, he is black and I am white. I think that is one reason my family doesn't talk to me. But it isn't what's on the outside, its what's on the inside that counts.
—Guest Tabitha


Stress is caused by an irritated mind. So control the mind. Start feeling for others. Remember some wise sayings when you are irritated. Feel an invisible presence of almighty. Start enjoying.

My Stress With Family

My stress with me is my family,they are so different from me. We don't get along. I have a daughter who is the world to me and I take good care of her...She is the only baby in the whole family out of 5 siblings...And none of them spends time with her but now their wives spend time with their other nephews and nieces from the other side and this really brothers me about how they treat my daughter. They even treat me differently, always have. Why this all does brother me, I dont know but it does...
—Guest Michelle

It's Time for Me

My parents divorced when I was young. Both seemed that part of their divorce was divorcing me, so I ended up living with different friends and relatives. When they began to age they started contacting me to help them. While they were living their lives, I lost my husband at an early age to drinking and raised two children alone. I was constantly in fear of whether I would be able to pay bills, afford groceries, keep a roof over our heads, etc. At this time in my life, I thought I would be able to accomplish some things I wanted (finish school, learn new things, define fun) I find that the past stress has left me with a few ailments that I have to work on. While I am trying to work on what I want, I have one adult child that lives with me (rent free) because she can't afford to live on her own. The other adult child feels he didn't get a fair deal during childhood with me, so unless I call him......silence. Right now, I'm planning to change my name, pack up and move.

My Jobs

I'm a single parent with no help from my child's father. I work 2 jobs and just feel it's not enough. I wish I could be carefree and not worry about it, but I know I have someone who depends on me.
—Guest Amanda


I'm coping with schizophrenic adult son living at home.
—Guest just me

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