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Readers Respond: Share Your Best Happy Marriage Tips!

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Updated April 23, 2009

Having a happy marriage, or a happy romantic relationship, takes work, but brings many benefits, including reduced stress. Good communication is key, as is mutual respect. But what else helps keep a relationship or marriage happy? What are your best tips for maintaining a happy marriage or relationship? See what other readers have to say, and add your best tips to the list!

I'm Sorry

Both spouses must learn to say I'm sorry when they've done wrong without being defensive..
—Guest Herlot

Hang On In There

Too often it is easy not to hang on in there! Life is fast and often hard if you are looking to improve your life standard. Look to wise Bible words, remember that the other person was the one you fell in love with. Try and leave the past in the past, and love your kids x
—Guest mark lee

Keep HoneyMoon Fire Burning

I keep the honeymoon fire on by telling my hubby every week that I love him more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. That is renewing my love to him all the time. Married for 13 years now.
—Guest Geraldine C.M.Kioko

Choclates Increase Love

Keep 25 % of your salary reserved to bring her choclates (fruit, nut).
—Guest syed

Never Ask Him To Choose

This is where conflicts arise..never ever ask him to choose between his mother and you(his wife)..because he cannot. Though you might feel little frustrated, as the time passes you will understand him.
—Guest lifesbeautiful

Let Your Spouse Feel Like a President

Always treat your spouse as a president. After all, he or she should be your president, not necessarily your boss. If you have the chance to visit any president, just note what you will do and do more than that for your spouse, because he is more important than any president you could think of.
—Guest Guest Lena

One More Thing

When making BIG decisions like to have another child, you must both agree wholeheartedly or not do it. I wanted a 3rd child desperately, but since I was a stay-at-home mom my husband felt our budget could not stretch enough for another child (orthodontia, tutoring, sports teams, making memories w/family trips, paying for college, etc.). But I just wouldn't let it go & after about 5 yrs. of badgering him about it, he agreed to having another baby. Then I stopped & considered that IF the child had special needs or something dire like that I would have brought it on without his full support. Having a baby, changing jobs, etc. is not something a spouse should badger the other into "giving in." It is just too big a decision & parenting for sure needs both people totally committed. So I told him, "No." It was wrong for me to "force" him to have another baby. But we did become foster parents so my maternal feelings could be put to good use & we didn't have to go to the poor house!
—Guest Wifey

Married 36 yrs.

I've been married 36 yrs. to my "high school sweetheart." Been together since I was 15 & he was 16! Don't keep score (as in "I changed the last dirty diaper or picked up the dry cleaning"). Keeping score can lead you to do things grudgingly & not w/a loving attitude. Laugh a lot & have "inner jokes" such as my husband will say, "Why don't you put some lipstick on?" when he is really suggesting having sex. One Xmas we were broke & he gave me a tube of lipstick for a gift. Our kids were teenagers & didn't know the real message he was sending me. I blushed & hugged him & told him how much I loved the color! Be loyal. NEVER criticize your spouse in public. I'm amazed how many spouses HUMILIATE their partner at a dinner party or other public function. COMPLIMENT your spouse in public often. Tell others how great he is (good father, won the tennis tournament, etc.). Make your spouse shine. Give your spouse focused attention when having a conversation. Turn off computer, etc.
—Guest Wifey

Happy Marriage

29 years of marriage and the best agreement we made in the day, was never to disagree over trivial things in our day to day life. It makes life so much easier, holiday together every year where no one needs to do any more than relax have fun and enjoy.Hone "that look" for a seductive start to sexual enjoyment. Don't spoil things by breaking the trust you've built up together especially when an intruder makes it plain they fancy one of you. Always kiss one another hello and goodbye and hold hands walking down the street. Be the couple. Make sure your children and their needs and your love for them does not leave you with no room for your own romantic lives and loves together. Your children will benifit knowing you truley love one another.
—Guest glorified


I agree that married couples need to enjoy a sense of humor. When things get a little tense I take "my time off" and when I come back to the room where my husband is out of the blue I flash him. Yes, I lift my shirt quick enough for him to get a peek and show him my breast, he would make a funny face and even if he was having a bad day....all of the sudden things get another prospective. Later on we'd agree to disagree, but we let each other express opinions and point of views. Being Mad is so not worth it!

Happy Marriage Tips

The hugest thing that I have learned is this: when he does something or says something that you don't like, ask yourself if it's a moral issue. If not, let it go.
—Guest debikay

Cheer Lead!

Be your significant other's best cheer leader! And strongest supporter especially when they venture off to try new things!
—Guest fred0825

Let No One Tear You Apart

Keep God in your marriage and let no man or woman tear you apart. That includes both marriage partners. That will truly show the power of commitment and love for each other.
—Guest Belize325

Forget Old Stories

Live today, think of tomorrow, a new day is a new love story. Enjoy happy time and celebrate.
—Guest N

39 and Counting

We just had our 39th anniversary. I fix her lunch every day. I kiss her as she leaves for work. I ask how her day was when she comes home. We pal around together every weekend. She's my best friend, and we talk about anything and everything. And...I'm her best friend, too.

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