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Readers Respond: There Are Many Ways To Make Yourself Happy!

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Updated May 07, 2009

Manage Expectations & Think Big

If you have expectation, whether it's high or low, for something even before you try it, then most likely you will get a negative outcome, disappointment and unhappiness and you will start thinking "Why am I always the lousy and unlucky one?" Go and try things, especially new things, without/ with minimized expectations, you might be surprised by the outcome yourself!. ( I know it's hard, I am also struggling with it, but it does work!) Also, spend some time thinking, get to know more about yourself, like weakness and strengths, what interests you and also spend some time thinking about your love ones. Remember that anything is possible in this world (just google people who are worse off than you but still trying so hard to live their lives). And lastly, if there is a problem, try to solve it, not leaving it hanging or if you can, accept it and live with it. I'm always telling myself, all the challenges and hardship will make me stronger and a better person and a smooth journey is not LIFE. :) SMILE
—Guest angelia33


Smile at the world and it will smile back. Give something and you'll get something back. Sadness and grief comes to many of us at different life stages. Living through loss can be terribly painful. Helping someone living on their own perhaps because of a divorce or chatting to an elderly person living on their own can help enormously. Offering a bowl of soup, a hot water bottle to keep warm in the cold weather makes those who feel left behind really cared for. Happiness comes from within and sharing the simple things are often the most satisfying.
—Guest Sweet Grape


Although goal setting, money, friends and so on definitely all have a part to play in a persons happiness they are in effect superficial and external. This is not to say though that they are not important while we are here in a 'physical dimension' on planet earth. However what causes us to feel unhappy in spite of having the many external luxuries that we possess? I believe it is our resistance to 'what is' and what is happening in the moment eg. the traffic jam that makes you late for the important appointment, the unexpected and costly car bill, the unexpected redundancy. These experiences have happened to most of us yet we all react differently. Why? I feel it is this resistance that we have to what is happening in the moment that constantly makes us look to the future (or the past) because we resist the present moment. We want things the way we want them!! This is the problem.


This is very super. I like this very much. Now I am happy. Thank you so much!
—Guest barani

Happy In The Moment

Happiness should not be something that we strive to be. If we put demands on ourself that when we have x,yz then we will be happy, we will always just be striving for the next thing. Learning to find happiness in the little things can really help. We have to be realistic and recognize that it is also ok to not be happy. We can't be happy all the time, but when we are conscious about our levels of happiness we can hopefully become more happy in the now.

++++ Happy

Be optimistic. Let stress pass by. It's human in nature.
—Guest urhigh

Striving for Happiness

"Acceptance is the Key". Although I was born handicapped and I still am, I try to set small goals and achieve them while remembering a great baseball player with a .333 batting average has actually "failed" 2/3rds of the time. People in my little world seem to go out of their way to hurt me or my emotions but the real issue is, they try to bring me down in order to boost themselves up. I wash cars for a living and am disabled. My old boss would rub his Corvette in my face....Who cares? He always said he didn't have enough money...I never had any, but an old Dodge will do, and I quit. Now I wash cars for a rental agency. I just try to keep a positive attitude in the face of negative personalities.....2/3rds of the people in the world are negative. Once I accepted the fact that I would not make much money, I set goals to live well on very little. A cheap house, old car, old boat and my dogs give me great joy. Life has always been a struggle, always will be, but I can be happy if I want to be!
—Guest simple minded


My favourite quote for happiness comes from british philosopher Bertrand Russell, "The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile." I think that as long as you have more things in your life which are capable of making you happier the better your chances at this pursuit. Visit my Blog! The Perfect Male Blog
—Guest MartinRedford

Thing to Feel

Whenever you get tense, just start feeling like a very happy man. Always live cool and calm. Try to get satisfaction out of your work. Happiness never comes but we have power to realise it at any time. Try to have a smiling face because it affects others.
—Guest Mukesh Singh

My Happiness Today

It's quite amazing when I saw the face of Elizebeth Scott expressing modes of happiness.
—Guest Maryjane

Lasting state or temporary high?

The mistake most people make when it comes to happiness is confusing the feeling you get from buying a new sofa or having a good night out with just being happy for no reason.


People who choose more to be happy are a good inspiration to all. They do not let a string of stress affect them much, and even if they did, they are more optimistic to improve their lives.

Wash My Thought

I always try as much as possible to switch from negative thinking either by singing or by discussing things that will make me laugh with my friends.
—Guest bih odette

Relaxing with Family

Althiugh my children are grown now (23 and 31) and live away from home, up to 6 hrs away, I feel very happy when I visit with them or they with me. We get on well so are able to talk about things both light and meaningful, we take walks in the city or nature, we share excellent meals together, we exchange token gifts, and even watch comedies together that we both like. Laughing with them is sheer delight, and we also tend to make jokes ourselves, just silly things, puns and teasing in a nice way, and seeing the funny side of things. I actually suffer from bipolar depression, though I take meds to control it and that works for me. But I don't just rely on the meds (though they do correct a chemical imbalance that is genetic and also related to severe traumas in early life). I make a habit of looking for good things and smiling and having an attitude of gratitude most of the time. When I start to feel symptoms of depression, mindfulness meditation helps me regain control.

To Connie G.

Your summary fits me to a T--I'll have to follow your lead!
—Guest Dawn

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