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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Warning Signs of Too Much Stress

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Updated August 31, 2009

We all face day-to-day stress, and some amount of stress actually keeps life interesting and exciting. But what about when we face too much stress? How can we tell when we've had too much stress? One person may experience headaches, and another may have trouble sleeping, while another sign of too much stress may come in the form of panic attacks. What are your warning signs of too much stress? How do you handle it? Share your answers, and see what other readers have to say.

No-Warning Headaches

I don't get a warning if I'm over-stressed; however, I get serious headaches later in the day.
—Guest Phil


Neck muscle and trap muscles tighten up. Eye fatigue.
—Guest mike

Too Much Hustle In Me.

I start getting quiet. I can't focus. I don't answer my phone. I hate everyone. I don't care about myself. I don't care about sex. It will cost me everything one Day.
—Guest No one special

Stress Has Taken Over

I don't eat as much. I loose a few pounds here and there. My stomach always hurts. My skin itches.......I constantly scratch like I'm an addict. I have headaches. I'm cold and hot all the time. These outbursts of anger come natural! I feel like I'm dying of some disease!
—Guest Shana

Fatigue and Back Pain

I'm constantly tired and nauseous with back pain added to the mix, I'm always in an horrible attitude towards my family, and friends: it's like every word I say is a dagger dipped in ice. I can't believe stress is taking over my life.
—Guest Guest A

Stress on Polymyalgia and Fibro

I feel stressed all day, every day cause fibro, poly, osteo, heart arrhythmia, etc. have taken over my body. Extra stress like the dentist, makes me shake and get teary eyed. Normal family stress does the same thing, plus I'm in a mental fog. I feel like I'm standing on a cliff trying to control myself, but any stress tips me over the edge. I'm so thankful for my husband and kids, and thankful for this site, cause there are others battling our bodies.
—Guest Fibro Fighter

My Brain Is ...

I can't think or focus, I feel like I'm not myself anymore. I can't sleep or eat....
—Guest bruno

Physical Symptoms

When I get stressed I always think I'm dying from a heart attack/cancer whatever my mind can think of. Because I know the physical symptoms of them I start to have them which freaks me out more. Plus I go through almost everything I've read on here as well.

Anger and a Short Fuse

I am under a lot of stress right now and I'm afraid it makes me a really unpleasant person to be around - I snap at my husband when he has done nothing wrong, I am irritable and I seem to lose my sense of humour. Also I take things like little jokes and teasing from friends or husband much more personal than I usually would.
—Guest nikke75

Too Much Stress for a Relationship

I can't eat, can't sleep, can't work, am always thinking, want to be alone, and am not happy anymore.
—Guest rose

Stress Sucks

I have muscle pain, feel light-headed and I shake. I feel tired, weak, and have headaches. Gonna see a doc.
—Guest Chinchilla

Stress Is Intolerable More and More

First was anxiety...then panic attacks with all over trembling .....trouble sleeping..at night but seem to sleep all day and still feel exhausted...fatigue...weakness...now when I get angry I get anxiety and panic attacks...
—Guest misty

Symptoms of Stress

Other symptoms of stress: you don't eat as much, or eat more than usual; can't sleep very well or at all; can't focus on school or work; make bad decisions; want to be alone all the time; frusuration or adrenaline.
—Guest lone man

Loads of Symptoms

Shoulder pain, muscles tensing... back pain...not able to think correctly...face muscles hurt, turns into headaches, which turns into anxiety...which is hard to handle. Trying to sleep alot [10hrs] makes it worse. I just try to ignore everything relax my mind and listening to music helps? i guess... I really don't have a answer, and I'm still trying to figure out how to handle it.
—Guest Sierra

anxiety and panic

I have anxiety and panic disorder, I have trouble donig things I used to do , like driving a long distance from home. I feel like i can't even focus anymore. My doctor has prescribed me a prescription but I haven't even taken it because I feel like I can't even focus now , how will I function on it? The first panic attack I had was severe that I had vision changes and that constantly stays on my mind and worries me. The unreality that came with it also still bothers me. I just want to be myself again.
—Guest wendy77

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