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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Warning Signs of Too Much Stress

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Updated August 31, 2009

Not Enough Sleep

I could not sleep well when there are so many deadlines to my work.

My Stress Symptoms

I know I am really stressed when I realize I am grinding my teeth. This leads to jaw pain and a headache.
—Guest julie stykemain

Cure for Stress

I was canidate for burnout due to too much stress, but since joining this program I'm starting to relieved a lot of stress.
—Guest winston


I'm 19 and life at this point is stressing with all the expectations. I try my best to be happy some days. I always feel sick, or hungry, upset, emotional, angry, and have body aches. But the simplest things help, I write my feeling out and try and make the best of things. I also think I might be bipolar. I hope it gets better.
—Guest Amber

Weak And Sick

When I am stressed, I begin to feel light-headed. I feel my throat tightening, which than leads to difficulty talking and even eating. My body tightens, and I expierence muscle aches. I have asthma, and I know it's induced by stress. I get angry easily, and I have low tolerance in being bothered. Also, too much stress makes me sick.
—Guest Raquel

Weak And Sick

When I am stressed, i begin to feel light headed. I feel my throat tightening. Which than leads to difficulty talking and even eating. My body tightens, and I expierence muscle aches. I have asthma and I know its induced by stress. I get easily angry and I have low tolerance in being bothered. Also too much stress makes me sick.
—Guest Raquel

Can't Turn My Brain Off

I get back pain, neck pain and headaches that turn into a migraine behind my eyes. Nausea, irritability, being unable to fall asleep or sleep the whole night through. Loss of appetite. My skin even starts to break out a little.
—Guest kelly

Stressed Out Beyond It

When I get so stressed out, I start to snap at my fiancé even though he had nothing to do with it. And then I get emotional. I start crying and try to get so much done that I can't even remember what I've accomplished at that time.
—Guest Beth

Starting to Shake

After trying to push past all the back ache and the lack of sleep. When things get way too much without any outlet or the chance to rest, I started getting random twitching and shakes in my hands. Also ongoing dizzy spells and feeling faint.
—Guest haz

Effect of Stress

When sleeping becomes difficult, my body suddenly becomes heavy. I get easily irritated. When I experience body pain, then I will know that I am stressed.

Sleep and Anger

I get so angry about everything, even if it is not related to stress. I also want to sleep. I am the kind of person who does not sleep much, but since I have stress I started sleeping a lot. I think it increases my stress, as I couldn't do my work perfectly and leads to failure, which in turn leads to more stress, and the cycle goes on.
—Guest nim

Lower Back Pain

I woke up not being able to stand. My lower back was in severe pain. I tried to walk and it's really touch and go. It's when I stand for the first time after being seated. This is the second day of this. I put a heating pad on the lower back and took aleve. I was sitting for a long length of time Easter Sunday near a draft. And drove home in the pouring rain. I've been experiencing emotional stress in the last 8 days.
—Guest Victoria Acosta-Coyle

Angry with Everything

I get so angry for things that don't really bother or concern me much when I'm not stressed. I speak much less, and hate to carry on with what I am supposed to. And, it eventually leads my mood to depression.
—Guest Jennifer

Tight Scalp and Throat

The top of my scalp tightens so much that it actually hurts (my hair is also getting very thin on top) and my throat starts to close up and I have to repeat myself often.
—Guest Lynn

Sleeping Urges

I have sudden urges to fall asleep right there, and I am not a sleeper! I feel a pain right above both my eyebrows. It's irritating.
—Guest Christiine

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