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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: Top Strategies For Simple Living

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Updated October 14, 2009

From the article: How To Simplify Your Life
There are many routes to simple living, and in my experience, the more simple living strategies you try, the easier simple living can be. What small (or big) changes have you made in your life that have really paid off in terms of simple living? Share your tips for simple living, and see what simple living tips have worked well for others.

Living with a Hoarder

This is terribly stressful, and I cope by simply walking out the door and sitting quietly in a nearby coffee shop, nursing a lo-cal drink until my anger & stress subside. When I can cope again, I go home.


Mmmm, I just sleep all day and come out at night when the shops are closed . . . aye!! Stress free!
—Guest bondy

Donate It, It Will Make You :)

I hate clutter and will go on quarterly clean-ups thru the house! If I haven't read it, worn it or used it, I donate it. Drives my husband nuts, but too bad. I love when company says how tidy my house always looks.
—Guest Christine

Clutter Reduction

During the Depression we SAVED EVERY LITTLE THING "Just in case it might be needed later"! BAD IDEA for modern times SO GIVE AWAY to GOODWILL EVERYTHING you really aren't USING NOW & take a CHARITY TAX REDUCTION!
—Guest FLO

Keep Work Wardrobe Simple

My work wardrobe consists of dress pants in neutral colors, and sweaters or tops that mix and match with most of the pants. Cuts down on closet clutter and makes it easy to dress in the morning.
—Guest pcs

Simplicity is Best

As I get older, the less and less people I need in my life. I try to enrich my life as much as possible, and omit any and all trivial matters, and this includes people who are full of drama and ill-will!
—Guest Tappa

Life is Short

Be realistic about how many books you are really going to re-read and how many of your dvds you will ever watch again. Are there cds you never listen to? When I went through mine I thought to myself life is short, how many of these do I really want to spend time on again. I ended up taking quite a lot of them to the charity shop. There are a few things I wouldn't part with but, to be honest, mostly once stuff has gone I don't miss it.

Clean the Closet

I found this idea in an on-line post. Box up every bit of clothing that doesn't fit and put it away. Now when I open a drawer or door I see only clothes that I can confidently and comfortably wear. Wow!
—Guest Katie


As soon as I get home from "wherever", I put on my most casual, most comfortable clothes--helps me relax.
—Guest crunchhourly

Keep A Diary

I keep a diary. Each evening, I pencil in what neeeds to be achieved the following day. I only concentrate on the next day. It is not worth stressing what needs to be done next month. Live for today, do what needs to be done today and then go onto the next day with a clean slate.
—Guest theresa

Envision Your Environment

It may seem counter productive, but buy some interior decorating magazines (after your done, donate or give to your neighbors). Find things in them and apply the ideas to your home. For one, interior decorating magazines do not show cluttered homes. Second, if you have something you really like, you're less likely to clutter it up. The perfect example, our armchair and small sitting chair. They used to attract junk like a magnet. I saw 2 really bright chairs in a magazine and I fell in love with, and painted/upholstered our 2 chairs similarly. They look so good now, clutter finds its way home rather than stacking up on our pretty chairs.
—Guest April

More Space!

I don't have lots of objects on shelves, and kitchen worktops, and desks, and in my home. I feel less trapped in life as a result, and feel I have more freedom to move in life.
—Guest Bo

Spend Less

I just spend less, and that helps with everything. I get less 'stuff' coming into my house, I stress less about finances, my house stays less cluttered. I know it's a common one, but it's popular for a reason!
—Guest Sarah

Same Clothes

I end up getting several of the same shorts and pants when I find ones that fit well. That way, I don't have to think too much about what I wear. Sounds silly, but it seems to help.
—Guest Dan


I keep my own to-do list simple by delegating anything I possibly can, and getting people to help me whenever I can. That's how my son learned to vacuum at age 4.
—Guest Kathy

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