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Readers Respond: Top Relaxing Activities for Stress Management

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Updated July 01, 2009

Relaxing is important for balance and stress management. (Read this article for more on the importance of relaxation.) There are many activities that people find relaxing--and what relaxes one person may not feel relaxing to another. What activities do you find relaxing? Share your experiences and get ideas from others here.

Water Therapy

GO to a WARM POOL and slowly walk around while breathing in rythm while you relax! Then warm up with some faster movements & while constantly counting steps do 10 minutes of aerobics (jumping about); then stretch those tired muscles (still breathing & counting), and finish up with various walking steps in the warm water. Then go SING in the shower! IT WORKS every time!
—Guest Florence

Music Helps

Listening to ANY type of CHRISTIAN music especially helps! For me, it's Christian Rock!
—Guest James


I sing crazy rock songs because it makes you feel like you are a rockstar and you have no worries for you. Your agent takes care of it for you (My agent is my mom and dad). Rock out Washington!!!! Whooo Hooo
—Guest elephant

Handmade Jewelry

I love jewelry and I took an online crash course in beading and I learned to make my own jewels. It is very relaxing to create and to wear my jewels or to share them with my friends. Moreover, I introduced some of the people I work with to this hobby and talking about it is a stress reliever sometimes.
—Guest Mikka

Ways I Relax

I light a few candles, one of them scented, and turn on some instrumental music while I'm getting read for bed. I read (too easy to get lost in a book), write (poetry, journal, song lyrics), paint (for myself), and work out five to six times a week. I also sing along to music, especially in the car. I'll even sit in my car a few minutes before work when I'm particularly stressed out and either listen to music or close my eyes and focus on the goals I have for my life rather than the work I know will attack me when I walk in the door.

Soup Making

I have recently discovered that making good soup is a very engrossing and relaxing activity--and the result is something tasty and good for me!
—Guest Pam

All Activities

1. I carry a hand gripper around so that if I get mad I can squeeze, and it helps with with my grip strengths. 2. Listen to music. 3. Look up your favorite thing on Google. 4. Run, jump, push ups, chin ups, squat jumps, anything that will make you feel like an animal and leave you tired once you're done. A tired person won't argue or hold onto stress as much.
—Guest Calvin


Playing the piano for my own enjoyment is one of my favorite ways to destress.
—Guest Brenda in Idaho

Leave it in the Wind!

The most relaxing activity I have found is riding my motorcycle! I know, it sounds like it might add stress; but it really doesn't. Inside the helmet there is no phone, no radio, no tv, no one blabbing in my ear; just me and the wind. A nice evening ride after work blows the stress away and leaves me feeling completely relaxed. Better than a massage!!
—Guest Patricia M

ALL is Meditation......

Knitting, colouring, listening to Bach,.....choose whatever you will and it all boils down to meditation....where are you when you are listening to Bach?? Thinking about your day? Things to do? Or are you totally absorbed in the moment and present with the music? Are you aware of your breath? Music is a great meditation! Can you go deeper? When the mind no longer exists, so will the music cease to exist as there is no mind there to hear it! Then the beauty of ALL that is arises in that very moment! All the beautiful music of existence is experienced in the blink of an eye.....the music of silence itself! What a magnificent symphony IT is! :)
—Guest Jeff

Special Music Just For Me

I'm in love with Harry Potter, especially the theme. It just calms be down. Even when I had cramps, nothing else helped so, I listened to this and it was just.....
—Guest *lalala*


Knitting (or crochet). Working with my hands always relaxes me and I can do it almost anywhere. If I can I will go outside for a brisk walk in the park.
—Guest Shelly

Listening to Bach

Listening to anything by JS Bach helps me relax. I listen to music throughout the day. Can't live without it.
—Guest Gwen

Desert Therapy

Walk alone into a quiet or silent environment, preferably a desert, and listen to the sounds of birds, wind and the waves. Try to make the issue at hand the item to meditate upon and finally an answer will come.
—Guest sarmos


I have found having crayons and a coloring book are a real stress reliever. I find I get lost in this activity, totally relaxed. I have actually "colored" my way out of a headache! Listening to music while you color is an even greater way to relax!
—Guest Linda

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