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Readers Respond: What Has The Law of Attraction Brought You?

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Updated July 06, 2009

According to the Law of Attraction, people can use the principles of attraction to create what they want in their lives. Through attraction, what you focus on is said to come into your life--whether good or bad. There is some research that supports the Law of Attraction in a few different ways, and many people using the Law of Attraction, but it's always interesting to hear real stories of attraction outcomes. Share your experiences with the Law of Attraction, and see what others have experienced.

Say "thank you"

I say "thank you" instead of "I want". I leave the rest to the universe. My prayers are always answered, even if the answer is a "NO".
—Guest Gratitude

Why Not Now?

I am using LOA since 2001. I was so desperate on those days,I was seeking job but nothing was happening. On those days, I don't know why but was always thinking about a specific amount of salary. 6 months later, a job came with the exact amount that I was thinking. I started to visualise a man to marry. 5 years later,now I am married with the man that I exactly thought.Now,we are having some trouble about my husband's job. I am always imagining that we are out of this trouble and wealthy and peaceful. I know that some day it will happen but still can't stop myself saying 'Why it is not happenning instantly'I remember in those days when I was so desperate seeking jobs or finding my soulmate,I was asking that questions too. Tell me why not now?
—Guest esin

My House

When I was ready to buy a house, I worked with a Realtor who unfortunately was not showing me the kind of house I would want to buy. So, I wrote an ad with all of the qualities I desired and placed it in the ad section of our newspaper under 'wanted.' The first time I went out looking without the Realtor, I found my house. The only thing lacking was a mesquite tree in the front yard. Instead it has two ornamental orange trees. And it had just been remodeled; so, I moved into a sweet, 'brand new' house that has turned into my incredible home!


The more optimistic I was, the bigger the let down when things wen bad. But I found putting my thoughts and energy towards God the better life got. Basing my life on the extremely self centered thought process that is the "Law" of attraction only lead to bigger disappointment and and more self centered thoughts. The law of attraction is proof that human kind is so desperate for some kind of truth that they're willing to believe they have anything to do with controlling the universe with their thoughts. It's all rubbish.
—Guest michael

I Won It All

I was down on my luck for the longest time...I lost the love of my life and came back home to Florida after losing a successful trucking biz in California. I went back to Fl with nothing. I lost it all. Home, cars, truck, and the best thing that ever happened to me, my Kymee. So, naturally, depression set in. I felt suicidal, crying and asking God,'Why?' Then I started to read about the Laws of Attraction and going to Church to talk to God everyday. I started an image board and journal of all the things I wanted and wanted to happen in my life. I met with an aunt of mine who reads tarot cards very well and she said, 'As of late, you have a new outlook on things. You are changing, and God notices. You are going to be a very wealthy man and you will help a lot of people.' I thought, 'Yeah, right. LOL.' Two months later I won the FL lottery. I took home a lump sum of $53,500,000 and moved back to California.I have more to say but I'm out of room.
—Guest Peter in El Dorado Hills,Cali

My husband -- and lots of freelance work

I met my husband in a way that was similar to Elizabeth's story above. When I was single, just for fun, I made a list of attributes that I wanted in a husband. Of course, some of them were "important"... like: "He enjoys going on roller coasters with me." The interesting thing was that I met several guys soon after, but they were the wrong ones. It was almost as if this finding-the-right-guy thing had to play out for a bit. I finally met Mr. Right and yes, he DID enjoy going on roller coasters with me (but he's got lots of great attributes that are a bit more important than that.) Then there's the story of jobs that I've received. Last year, when lots of freelance writers like myself were worried about the state of the economy (lots of magazines folded)... I used this attraction principle to get myself good jobs. Honestly, freelance jobs just came out of nowhere. This includes my current job as About.com's Guide to Long Island!
—Guest Linda

LOA Successes? Where Do I Start?

Elizabeth mentioned husband already so I won't repeat that - but the list works! My most recent one is regarding my holistic stress management coaching business. I've been trying to move into getting corporate clients but have found the gatekeepers challenging. One day, literally five minutes after finishing my meditation on getting the right clients, I got a phonecall from an eager assistant and asked me to call her boss's CELLPHONE. This is a major company here in Toronto and we're having our second meeting soon! The key to manifesting though, is to allow and release. You can visualize and do affirmation as much as you want, but in the end we need to learn to allow the Universe / God to deliver to us what is for our highest and best good ( ie. the man you want is really just a jerk & Universe doesn't see you being happy in this relationship ). Intention is a big ingredient, but ALLOWING AND RELEASING IS KEY. Cheers, Safrina www.freedomfromstressnow.com

My Husband!

True story: Years ago, I decided I was ready for my first great romance, so I made a list of all the qualities I'd like to find in the ideal man. I was specific, and covered every attribute, from physical (cool hair), to personality (sense of humor, sensitive and 'deep'), to dress code (tan pants and a sweater). About a month or two later, I saw him at a party and I knew it was him--he was laughing and joking, had great hair, and was wearing khakis and a sweater! (Little did I know, it was only because everything else in his closet was dirty, but no matter.) Over a decade and a half later, the rest is history. :)
—Guest Elizabeth

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