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Readers Respond: Top Ways To Have Fun For Stress Relief

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Updated December 26, 2011

It's important to have fun in your life, as a way to relieve stress, stay connected with others, maintain balance and stave off burnout. In childhood, it's easy to have fun, but in adulthood, fun often needs to become a priority. Do you have enough fun in your life? And what do you do to have fun and blow off stress?

Play Sports

Play a sport, get some people together and get outside and hit a ball around, or play with yourself. Go to a pool hall and play some pool, or go to a new restaurant or bar to have some dinner.
—Guest jimmi

Many things to do

Take a walk in the woods (if u have any) or play some sports or even go riding:)
—Guest Brooke

Ho hum fun

Whenever I feel down, I turn on some Rose Funeral or Viatrophy and jam out and headbang like nobody's watching. Other fun things include, writing a story about someone who is pissing you off or watching a good movie and having a good old drink of rum. Redecorating your room is fun too.
—Guest mistressomisery

Keep It Simple

Just take a warm bath and try to relax. Drop your problems for a while and just chill. Dance, sing, hangout with friends, call an old friend, bring yourself a present...and remember that life is simple, so don't complicate it :-)
—Guest mona

Go Google it!

Go Google It! Yes you heard me! Go point your cursor to the above search engine or type the following into the above space where there is a jumble of letters and symbols. www.Google.com
—Guest Leachy702

Dream About It!

Fall asleep and fill your mind with activites that you love. That comes from the mind and heart.
—Guest On of a kind

Be Creatve

Creativity is easy to say, but for many people using their imagination can be frightening or difficult, yet that stands as the absolute best way to have fun. Go ahead and be scared if you have to, but don' t let it stop you. If you can't do what you really feel like, do something related. If you want to act on stage, but you can't get a part, or the stage fright is just too much, try to work backstage. If you want to get intimate with someone, but there seem no likely candidates, then set immediate intimacy aside and go out and meet new people anyway. If you want a fulfilling career, but you feel stuck in a dead-end job, do something that speaks to you for free. Make fun a priority and a goal, but don't get discouraged if you can't get there right away; keep trying. I've experienced hideous abuse in my life, but I got through it by not giving up on fun. God loves you, if you belive that way. Even if no one else, I love you. Don't give up! Just imagine the possibilities and fun!
—Guest Will C.

Listen to Music

Music alway cheers me up. Just to have fun, maybe have a sleepover and always rember every day is worth living. Have fun!
—Guest jasmine

Please, Don't Think, Just Go!

If you are having to "think" how to have fun, then you know you have a problem. "Feel" your way through fun; go "right" brain!
—Guest tj


Get a canvas board and paints and just paint away.
—Guest artist

Move It Or Lose It!

Go outside play corn hole. If you have a truck, play pirate in the back. If you have a dog play with him/her throw his toy around.
—Guest shaleena


Just get out and skip or run. It's the best way to have fun. Feeling down or depressed? Tie your laces and race.
—Guest TI-83 Plus Yo Mom

I'm 16 and Have Fun

Dirt biking and playing kick ball and sports and going to my favorite sports team games, like mine are the New York Yankees and New Jersey Devils and Steelers.
—Guest elliott roth

Get Out And Go

When you go out have some fun, ride with friends on your skateboard, bike or scooter, or play some sports. The best way to have fun is to play an outdoor game.
—Guest annieh2202

This Is Important

If you want to have fun, you can learn new things, like how to do a flip, how to skateboard, how to dance, etc.
—Guest Fun kid202

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