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Readers Respond: Top Ways To Have Fun For Stress Relief

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Updated December 26, 2011

Run A Lot

You should run and JUMP to lose wieght, and have fun!
—Guest layerss


Well, I go out with my friends at least once a while and go skate boarding in the park ** or breaking our butts on the pavemant** Then we have a picnic and tell jokes and we bring our kids!! They know how to have fun and help us adults to have fun to!
—Guest Tabby6789

Watching Movies

Every weekend, my friends and I watch comedy movies and have a fun time.
—Guest hana

Do Fun Classes in the Gym

I enjoy all beautiful classes that get my endorphins rushing - Bodyattack, bodyJam, bodybalance, bodycombat, with my favourite instructors and buddies!
—Guest Jolynn


I go and play with my horse. I go for walks, groom them and just sit and watch them in the pasture. I can't imagine ever being without her.

We Laugh!

I run a laughter club which incorporates generated laughter, mind/body exercise and focussed breathing exercises as well as lots of play. We meet Saturdays for an hour and have a wonderful hour of fun! I also use my drive to and from work to breath and laugh in time with music on the radio ... silly but real fun, especially in a traffic jam!
—Guest Cape Town Laughter

All Work and No Play...

makes an unhappy and unhealthy person. I was born and raised in the country and chores were periodically relieved with something fun to do. Such as, after I cleaned the barn and fed and watered all of the critters DAILY, I got to ride my horse:) So having had a career in nursing most of my life,I now stop and take a break of some sort:)
—Guest Glenda

Laughing and Singing!

I tune in to "America's Funniest Home Videos" as often as I can and almost laugh myself to tears. There's also nothing like singing the blues and stressors away via a karaoke night out!

Fun and Dogs

My dogs always live in the moment! I have a hard time but my dogs are my daily reminders that we must live in the moment to relax and let the good feeeling be alive. The moment is life and this is a challenging but the rule that keeps me optimist whenever I need to slowdown and smile.
—Guest Victoria

Video Games

I have several friends on a network, and we play video games together online. What can I say? We have fun!
—Guest Kevin

Something New

Once every few weeks, my friends and I get together and go somewhere new--someplace none of us has been before. It may be a new club, or a place to go shopping. Once, our friend got us all salsa dancing. Just having something new to do is really fun for all of us.
—Guest Amy

Game Night

We have friends over about once a week. The adults drink wine and talk, the kids play games down the hall, and fun is had by all. We have it down to a routine at this point, and we all look forward to our "game night" Fridays!
—Guest Susan

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