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Readers Respond: Top Ways To Have Fun For Stress Relief

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Updated December 26, 2011

Water Balloons

Make waterballoons and get a baseball bat. Throw the balloon and the other person will hit it, which makes him or her wet.
—Guest Mysteryyy???

Make a Pillow Fort!

Let your imagination go WILD! Invite over ALL of your friends and make a Gigantic kingdom of pillows.
—Guest Dan and Kevin

watch youtube

I go on youtube and search something I actually want to watch, then pick the video least like the video I just watched. Sometimes, you go back to the video you already watched, or, you see something totally wierd. My favorite ones are music videos, all the parodies... try Fireflies by Owl City
—Guest modern warfare 2 FOR THE WIN

Hide and Seek

Try and hide, and see how long it takes for your pet or friend to find you!
—Guest Destiny


Try to have a canival in your own room. Make up a game.
—Guest molly

Fun With Water

You can have fun with water (if you like water :p) Like...get a cup water and let the water roll over your face.
—Guest Laly


Get your friends over and do something. anything....Legal mind you ;)
—Guest Tom :)

Create Happiness!

Start to laugh. Just laugh! And soon you will find something to laugh about. Think of something that was very funny to you and recall it in your head. It always gets me happy. Talk to funny people and hang out with happy people that know how to have a good time. Sing at the top of your lungs and dance in the mirror. Or spend some quality time with the fam!
—Guest katiebess

Opera Singing

It relieves stress, and comforts your throat. It is soothing and good to listen to in the shower. You will have a wornderful time in the shower! Opera Singing is also a great sing-along and is easy to follow. You never have to worry about singing too loud!
—Guest Grannny Smith

Cartoon Session.

The best option I normally do is put on my cartoon collection disc. I'm never tired of watching the Penguins of Madagascar, Skunk Fu,... it works a lot as you'll get to laugh like crazy. If it doesn't work out, put on your headphones listen to the music till you fall asleep.
—Guest Elie

Fun With the Internet!

For MY fun, I would go skate-boarding, watch a film, or go out cycling, but my way of true fun is to go onto YouTube and watch djweeryan videos. If you are a girl (like me), play dress up or sing, but my advice is to just have fun!
—Guest lanasmart123


Overly-stressed? Yeah, me too. Ever feel like screaming at the top of your lungs or punching something? Maybe you have done that, but sometimes when I'm over the top stressed, I go observe the things around me, especially people that make me feel different. I often drift back in time when everything was different... but sometimes you have to breathe on faith, ya know what I mean? Hope this helps someone.
—Guest shatteredtears

Have the Best Nighttime..

Just being with my boyfriend gives me so much fun.. Especially at night.. That's the best I enjoy the most!!!
—Guest Shanna

WoW or Play With a Cat

I usually play some WoW or play with my cat. I have 5 scars on my hand from her but she is so fun to scratch.
—Guest Jake

Don't Sit and Be Lazy

Don't yell at people who are trying to help you be FUN! Just sit and take a chill pill. READ and be kind to other people!
—Guest Samatha
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