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Readers Respond: What Fun Stuff Do You Like To Do?

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Updated November 19, 2009

Gratifications--the 'fun stuff' that actually requires skill and can't be done by everyone, but make you feel great--can be good for stress relief. Including this fun stuff in your life can keep you feeling more balanced, provide an experience of flow, and make life more enjoyable. Share the fun stuff you enjoy, and see what gratifications others recommend.

Cooking and General Silliness

When I feel stressed I love to bake, it relaxes me and I love it when people enjoy what I've made. Saturdays I love to watch kids' shows. It makes me laugh and I feel young again and I enjoy reading books from my teenage years and spending time with my friend's children, that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.


I sit on my balcony and watch the birds, trees, and flowers and at night I see how many stars I can count. It feels good to be out in nature.

What Fun Stuff Do You Like To Do?

Me and my partner have just started to do our garden. It makes us feel really happy that we are growing our own food to eat and growing seeds. You then see the end: a beautiful flower that you have looked after. TRY IT or dance and sing like nobody's watching.
—Guest haylay

I Love Handmade Jewelery

I have a fun time creating glass necklaces or earrings. I have a couple of friends who share my passion and lots of friends who love wearing my creations and this way my hobby brings me closer to the people I love.
—Guest Mikka D

My Fun Times - Crafting

I love to sew cloth dolls, make bookmarks, create craft items, watercolor paint and show others how to do all I know how to do.

Mixing Activities

I love to mix and match activites. When I exercise I mix exercise moves and do them at the same time for a killer cardio workout. I dribble my basketball and do tricks to see if anyone notices. Try doing two things you love at the same time, it feels good.
—Guest Thumper

I Exercise

I go to a women's gym six days a week. I also take my dogs for walks and swiming (when weather permits) every day. Both energize and the walks especially make me smile.
—Guest LindaJo915

I Love to Dance

It always makes me feel happier!!!! And it also recharges my energy....
—Guest ana

Living Life to the Fullest

Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, every day is precious to me. I enjoy my friends, reading, line dancing and studying spanish.
—Guest Jane

Music and Art

I have done oil painting. I am going to copy a line drawing. I also like to listen to music.
—Guest mary sanders

I Do Scrapbooking

I love to work on scrapbooks even though I prefer to call them memory albums. It relaxes me to know that I have made something that my daughters and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come.
—Guest Nancy

My Fun Stuff

I enjoy creating skits from Bible stories and teaching children and adults to do them. This is fun to do during Vacation Bible School and Sunday School Classes. It is fun to also watch everyone perform the skits.

I Play the Piano

After a long day at work, sitting at the piano playing just a simple piece calms me and eases the tension.
—Guest Laurie

Outpouring Through Art

I love being artistically creative. I draw, paint, make web designs - any avenue of the visual arts. I also take part in the performing arts - I sing and dance. Pouring myself out through artistic expressions not only releases stress, it also lifts up my self esteem to have a tangible product that I know requires talent and skill. One big consideration (a condition I give myself), though, is that my artwork depict only positive and happy messages.
—Guest Gracey

I Love Doing Arts and Crafts

Ever since I was hooked on arts and crafts, I just couldn't stop. Not only does it entertain me but it also keeps my mind off stress.

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