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Readers Respond: What To Do When You Can't Sleep

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Updated July 25, 2010

Can't sleep? Many people find that when they're stressed, they can't sleep, or sleeping is more difficult. There are many reasons for this (read about stress and its role in sleep problems), and there are many solutions as well. Find "can't sleep solutions" from other readers, and add your own best strategies for handling those times when you can't sleep.

Can't Sleep? Try this!!!

I have the exact same problem that all you guys have. My solution is that you read a book, drink some cold milk, or, tense your body up very hard, then, let it go. If none of that works, do this: Start to write a story until your had is very tired and you can't keep your eyes open. Hope this works!!! :)
—Guest Qwerty


OK so this is kinda weird but one night I could not sleep and it was 3:30 am! I Woke up my brother and asked him what i could do. He told me to go get a handful of pretzels and eat them. When I did that I fell asleep very fast. Works for me hope it works for you. But if you want you can eat them for a week and your sleep will improve. Oh and is you don't like pretzels you can try jellybeans and if not those try fat free pop corn 1 hour before you go to bed!!! Hope this helped
—Guest GABBI

Overactive Imagination

I'm 14 and have an overactive imagination. Sometimes it'll keep me up, like tonight. But, what I do is I close my eyes, and imagine something. Something I want to happen in the near future. How I wish something happened in the past. Anything really. And usually, I end up dreaming that stuff. Goodnight everyone :)
—Guest Desii

Try This!!

Try having a glass of milk or read a book! Because I used to have the same issues! So hope it helps!!
—Guest costa16

Think About Tomorrow

Think about what you are going to do tomorrow, and then try making it something happy and turn it in to a dream.
—Guest Bridge

Sleeping craze

I can't sleep and it's 11pm at my aunt and uncle's house. I feel bad so I'm just playing games
—Guest B

Can't Sleep, Don't Know Why

I got into a bad habit of going to bed at 1 am or later. I dont know what to do about that...then I just toss and turn and have songs stuck in my head that keeps me awake :/
—Guest kevin

Good Sleep

I always stare at something or I read a book. Reading all theses commenets makes me want to pass out, but staring at something or reading or even eating...every time I eat a meal, I get so tired. That's what I do to fall asleep.
—Guest sammy


Right now I'm at my friends house using her computer :|. I really need to go to sleep and I'm only ten! She's asleep and I'm embarassed to admit this, but I have been quietly crying because I miss my mom. HELP ME!
—Guest Eliza


DON'T study or read to fall asleep. When you need to study for a test or read, you might end up falling asleep out of habit. Stretch if you're feeling tense. Go for a jog if you're feeling restless. Eat or drink something if you're just not tired at all. Try to relax your body. Try not to take any naps during the day. When I can't fall asleep I eat chocolate chip muffins.

sleeping (yyawwn)

Well, right now I'm trying to sleep but, I can't, and there is school tomorrow, but I'm only 10.
—Guest chealsee

Tired? Get Stressed

When I'm tired, I usually think about something that will stress me out or make me cry. I also read or watch the same movie every night....hope it helps you!
—Guest confused ner


I can never sleep with anything on my feet or a blanket that's too heavy so clear off your bed of everything! Just get comfortable, close your eyes and try to think of peaceful things. The best thing to do is get comfortable and lost in pointless thought so you will eventually fall asleep.
—Guest Emma

Calm Work

Usually when you can't fall asleep it is because you are stressed, so distract your mind by coloring or reading.
—Guest Ciara

Some Tips to Get to Sleep

Same here, this happens to me as well and when I talk to my friends about this, they agree with it too. All I normally do is have a bath and try thinking about what I'm going to do the next day keep it something exciting, or you can make it up. This makes you think about it and slowly gets you to go to sleep. I am only 11 and this happened to me. Memory foam mattress does the trick too, you can buy them from bed superstores like Dream or Paul Simons. Remember to have the lights out and if it is very noisy try closing the door. Another tip would be to get dark curtains so that you can sleep in dark. The thing that happens to me is that I feel somebody is following me and I don't feel comfortable going to sleep alone. I need somebody near or in another bed but near my room like the next room or something. It just happens. And these tips really helped me. Stress is the thing that causes this to happen. So, I hope my suggestions have come in handy and helped you to get a better sleep! thank you... :)
—Guest cutie221
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