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Readers Respond: What To Do When You Can't Sleep

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Updated July 25, 2010

How to Fall Asleep

Since music and tv keep me up trying to sing or find out the ending, I found that talking on the phone helps. Lights out and his voice is soothing. Opposite sex I mean. Lay in bed with the lights out and you should fall asleep if you are tired in no time.
—Guest -Keke

Sleep Strategy

Drink a glass of water. In Maine it's tough to stay hydrated throughout the winter, and sometimes a tall drink of water in the middle of the night is very helpful!
—Guest Annie M


The best and fastest way for me to fall asleep is to begin praying the rosary. It works every time!

Clearing My Mind...

If something is on my mind...like all the things I have to get done tomorrow...I grab a pad and pen (always by my bed) and write my to-do list thus finding relief in knowing I won't forget about something important. Sometimes when I wake up often in the night I find 'praying myself' back to sleep is a wonderful and relaxing way of getting into the sleep mode. I refrain from getting up and getting active by doing things or watching TV or playing on my computer. All those things get my mind rolling and make it harder to sleep. Since removing a television from my sleeping quarters I find I am far less troubled by an inability to get to sleep or to stay asleep. That was my #1 strategy...simple and it works like a charm!!! A consistent bedtime, a familiar routine, eliminating caffeine from my diet and a mellow evening that allows me to wind down instead of gear up all help immeasurable. AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS REALLY WORTH A POUND OF CURE!!!
—Guest Sue Corey


Take at least 7 deep breaths while laying down. It works like a charm for me :)
—Guest girl


When I cant go to sleep, I close my eyes, not too tight. I think of memories and happy times. It really works.
—Guest ZadyM.


I look at random web pages. Google helps. You wouldn't believe what you can find if you look long enough.
—Guest me

Make up a story

When I can't sleep, I make up a story in my mind. It doesn't matter what it's about. And it can be as long as you want! Good luck
—Guest Alyssa

Make up a Story

When I can't sleep, I make up a story in my mind. It doesn't matter what it's about. And it can be as long as you want! Good luck
—Guest Alyssa

Read Some Stuff

I usually read some stuff, self help books & similar things. After some time, I am put to sleep.
—Guest AmoghRajanna

Stress Management

I used to lay in bed and stress over not sleeping. Now I find that if I recall about my memorable happenings in the past or plan some good, my mind becomes busy and I feel like I'm being productive without using up too much energy. I also get a bit sleepy after a while; but if not, the time wasn't wasted with listening music.
—Guest Sangeeta

Can't Sleep?

When I was little I could never fall asleep. My mom would always have to come in and rock me to sleep. But one night I read a book. It was really boring, then I read my book aloud and ............WOOP ZOOP SLOOP I was passed out!!!
—Guest Sara Henning

Busy Work

If you really need to fall asleep, there are two things that really help me. One, take notes on something. Personally, I take notes out of my French text book. After after ten minutes of copying down vocab, I'm half asleep. The other is trying to memorize something. Get out a book, read a paragraph, and then see how long it takes you to memorize it. You'll usually get tired because you do.
—Guest MaryE


I lay in bed and watch DVDs until I get tired and sleepy.

Tickle Yourself.

It's a weird way I found out one night. I couldn't sleep for about an hour so I decided to touch the bottom of my feet. After the feeling your get from being tickled goes away, you start to slowly go to sleep.
—Guest Dan

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