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Readers Respond: What Causes You Anxiety, and How Do You Manage It?

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Updated May 04, 2009

There are many causes of anxiety, some rational and useful, and some hard to explain. Because chronic anxiety and stress can be harmful, it's important to manage anxiety one way or another. (In fact, if your anxiety level is interfering with your life and activities, it may be helpful to talk to your doctor.) But, for most of us, our anxiety isn't serious, just stressful. What causes you anxiety, and how do you manage it? Add your answer to the list, and see what other readers have to say.


I worry about relationships. I think and think and think, it is almost like I am trying to figure it all out...have it all planned out and then somehow it will all be okay. The problem is when it doesn't go as I plan, it causes more stress and worry, and before I know it I am back to feeling like I have 100 bricks sitting on my chest and no matter how deep a breath I take it doesn't go away.
—Guest lisa

Anciety = Inner Conflict

Anxiety, to me, is inner conflict in which the heart and the mind don't, or can't, agree.
—Guest ku

Aura Migraines

I was at a used rubber stamp sale, very competitive, and a migraine started. Been having them a lot lately.I remembered to take deep breaths which stopped migraine on the spot. Never thought of this before but it works!

My Son

I worry a lot about my 25 year old son who has literally cut himself from life and refuses to accept any sort of treatment. I'm attending councelling lessons myself and intending to admit him in near future.
—Guest Nabila

Politics, the Economy, Slowing Business.

I never realized how all of us are affected by the management of our world, but ever since the economy tanked, I have tremendous anxiety over the future of my ability to provide for my family. I'm not sure that I manage it all that well, but frequently I try to just check out of the news and become ignorant of it for a while. Other times I just bury myself in my work.
—Guest iocomposer

What Causes Me Anxiety

Work. Big projects in which I have big responsibility and do it alone.
—Guest ann

I'm Good Enough...I'm Smart Enough...But

I worry that people won't like me. I am a very cool person (and so modest!), but I still worry, when I meet new people, what they will think about me. I also worry that my friends will somehow turn on me. (My middle school experience was like something out of 'Mean Girls'.) I manage the anxiety by talking to people I trust about my fears, and letting them reassure me of how awesome I am. (I'm not sure if this is the preferred method of handling it, but it works for me, and I am careful to return the favor for them when they need it.)
—Guest Sue


I had to take a pay cut at work last month, and money has me really anxious. What if I don't have enough to pay my bills? What if I lost this job and have to find another one (in this economy!) I am handling it by buying only what's absolutely necessary.
—Guest Samantha

My Health

I am a bit of a hypochondriac. I admit, late at night, if I'm feeling any sort of aches or pains, I will sometimes google my symptoms and scare the pants off of myself! However, then I remind myself of the (low) chances of my having anything life-threatening in my twenties, and I try to distract myself with a good book--and it often works! I also talk to my friends (do you sometimes get headaches, too?) and see my doctor right away if I'm still concerned--it's scarier when I just wonder what MIGHT be wrong!
—Guest Hannah

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