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Readers Respond: Top Self-Care Strategies For Stress Relief

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Updated March 31, 2011

Self-care strategies are important for stress relief. If you're tired, run-down, and close to burnout, the stressors you encounter in daily life are more difficult to manage. However, if you practice healthy self-care, you may have greater resilience to stress and an increased ability to take whatever comes. What self-care strategies do you use the most? What self-care strategies are the most effective for stress relief? Share your self-care tips and get ideas from other readers!

Bath Time!

I take a bath every night. I stay clean, warm, and relaxed. It's a perfect way to find space for meditation, or just some quiet time. And nobody bothers me when I'm in the tub!
—Guest Liz

Sleep. Period.

I find that I'm SO much more emotional when I'm too tired. When I started setting an alarm for GOING to sleep as well as for waking up, things changed a lot.
—Guest Lara

Self-Care Strategies For Stress Relief

My favorite self-care activity is walking around our neighborhood pond each morning after I take my daughter to school. I love the crisp morning air, connecting with nature, and getting moving first thing in the morning. I feel "set" for the day. I've also been practicing self-care techniques from Renee Trudeau's book The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal. She talks about the importance of not just physical self care, but also mental, emotional and spiritual. This has had a huge impact in my life (and my family's).
—Guest Sara

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