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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: What Stressors Are You Tolerating? What Should You Stop Tolerating?

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Updated February 07, 2011

How many low-grade stressors are you tolerating in your life right now? You know, those stressors known as "tolerations," that subtly drain your time, energy, and resources? Often we grow so accustomed to these stressors that we barely notice them, and taking a closer look at what we're tolerating can help us realize we need to make changes. What are you tolerating? What are others tolerating? Read on, and share your list of tolerations.

Smoking And Chocolate

I would love to get rid of my smoking habit, but I just don't feel that it's the right time. I also eat way too much chocolate, which isn't great for my health, either. I realize that I need to just pick a date and quit, because the cost, both financially and physically, adds up!
—Guest P. F.

Junk Food

I let myself snack on junk, and then I not only feel worse inside, but I look worse. I need to work on cutting out the junk, and sticking to a healthier diet.
—Guest Liz

Email Avalanche

My email just builds up in my inbox. If I attend to it right away, it interrupts my workflow, but if I don't get to it immediately, things slip through the cracks. If I had a better system for email (or someone to handle it for me!), I'd have a big reduction in stress.
—Guest E.

Parent Stressor

I love my mother, so don't get me wrong here. But she is getting older and possibly dementia setting in. I once was told that she may be a type of neurotic person, and after doing some reading I am prone to believe that. I feel like that I am really on the verge of being a caregiver if not already doing so.
—Guest Missy


I find that I have messes that pile up around the house. I don't notice them, really, until someone is going to come over (and then they're in every room), but they do drain me.
—Guest SometimesStressed

Difficult clients.

I'm usually the type to let things roll of my back pretty easily, but lately I've taken on some clients who are stressing me out in a big way. I need the work (I'm an independent freelancer), but their disregard for my services frequently borders on intolerable. Yes, they're paying me (hopefully) but I need to be valued for my contribution as well and when I don't get that kind of respect, I get bummed out and I spend a lot of time working on projects that stress me out. Not sure how to handle the kinds of decisions where I have to walk away as there is always broader consequences.
—Guest iocomposer

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